• Bay at Phi Phi Islands
  • Phi Phi Islands - Maya Bay (หมู่เกาะพีพี - อ่าวมาหยา)
  • Railay Bay (อ่าวไร่เล)
  • Separated Sea at Ko Kai, Ko Moh, and Ko Tub (ทะเลแหวกที่ เกาะไก่, เกาะหม้อ, เกาะทับ)
  • Tha Lane Bay (อ่าวท่าเลน)
  • Tha Pom Klong Song Nam (ท่าปอมคลองสองน้ำ)
  • Wat Maha That Wachira Mongkol (วัดมหาธาตุวชิรมงคล)
  • Wat Tham Suea (วัดถ้ำเสือ)
  • Emerald Pool (สระมรกต)
  • Klang Cave (ถ้ำคลัง)

Krabi – The Gateway to Beautiful Islands and Beaches in Thailand

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Are you looking for your next vacation in the famous spot near the Andaman Sea? Krabi is another great choice near the coast that will fulfill your dream of getting away from all the chaos in the city. Sunbathing on the beach, diving, and rock climbing are some of the activities that are waiting for you to enjoy!

General Information about Krabi

Krabi itself is a very popular destination for beaches and islands by many tourists around the world, even for Thais. It is the most perfect getaway for anyone who is looking for a perfect place to relax. There are various natural attractions that will surely make your jaw drops such as sandy beaches, crystal clear water, amazing coral reefs, and caves. According to archaeological discoveries in the past years, Krabi is one of the oldest provinces in Thailand and it might be dated back to the prehistoric period. The name of the province itself is believed to name after a word “Sword” which may be from a legend that an ancient sword was unearthed here when the city was founded.

To get to Krabi

There are several ways for you to get in the province. The first option is to travel by plane to the Krabi International Airport which is about 15 kilometers from the city. Another option is to use a car which is roughly about 946 kilometers from Bangkok, so it might take you quite a long time to reach the province. You can also use a bus and it will take you around 10 hours to reach here. Once you are here, sit back and let Tony be the guide!


Krabi’s Popular Toursit Attractions

This province is all about beaches and islands, like an all-you-can-eat buffet that you can just go anywhere, and everything is tremendously beautiful for the eyes! Tony will guide you through the famous beaches of Krabi, including the sights that are highly precious for you and your family which you cannot miss at all costs!


Phi Phi Islands

Bay at Phi Phi Islands
Bay at Phi Phi Islands

The first place to be recommended is called the Phi Phi Islands. This is the world’s famous destination for white beaches, crystal clear water, and beautiful coral reefs which consists of two big islands known as Phi Phi Le Island and Phi Phi Don Island. Phi Phi Le Island has the amazing limestone mountain with a steep and high cliff edge.

Phi Phi Islands - Maya Bay (หมู่เกาะพีพี - อ่าวมาหยา)
Phi Phi Islands – Maya Bay (หมู่เกาะพีพี – อ่าวมาหยา)

This place also contains a point where you can do some shallow dives to see some beautiful views under the sea. Maya Bay at Phi Phi Le Island has a mountain that hugs the beach like a crescent moon, including white sand and clear emerald-like water. This is why it is considered as the most beautiful bay in Phi Phi Islands. There are also other beautiful small islands and bays at Phi Phi Islands that you need to see.


Railay Bay

Railay Bay (อ่าวไร่เล)
Railay Bay (อ่าวไร่เล)

Another beach that needs recognition which is called Railay Bay. It is a bay with white sand and crystal-clear water with an angle to see one of the most beautiful sunsets in all of Krabi. There is one thing that Tony need to point out is that this place contains one of the most awesome rock climbing places in the world! There are many paths that both amateurs and professionals can have a challenge. The top also rewards rock climbers with magnificent views.


The separated sea

Separated Sea at Ko Kai, Ko Moh, and Ko Tub (ทะเลแหวกที่ เกาะไก่, เกาะหม้อ, เกาะทับ)
Separated Sea at Ko Kai, Ko Moh, and Ko Tub (ทะเลแหวกที่ เกาะไก่, เกาะหม้อ, เกาะทับ)

One natural phenomenon that Krabi has is the separated sea. You will see hills that are naturally made from white fine sand that will only happen when the water is lowered. These hills are like bridges that connect the three islands which are Ko Kai, Ko Moh, and Ko Tub. You can easily walk in between them to relax yourself.

Moreover, Krabi also contains many more beautiful islands that you can choose to travel to and relax such as Ko Hong, Ko Lunta, Ko Rok, and etc.


Tha Lane Bay

Tha Lane Bay (อ่าวท่าเลน)
Tha Lane Bay (อ่าวท่าเลน)

To finish off, Tha Lane Bay which has a mangrove that you can take a kayak inside to experience beautiful nature.

Tha Pom Klong Song Nam

Tha Pom Klong Song Nam (ท่าปอมคลองสองน้ำ)
Tha Pom Klong Song Nam (ท่าปอมคลองสองน้ำ)

Not so far from Tha Lane Bay, there is a place called Tha Pom Klong Song Nam and it is a natural phenomenon when the sea water rises which cause the canal to turn blue. When the water is lowered, the body of water will turn green instead.


Local Tells

Krabi holds some of the most precious attractions that tourists may not even know about, but the locals know them very well. The province offers more than just beautiful islands and beaches, there are countless traces of cultural and natural gems that anyone should come and see!


Wat Maha That Wachira Mongkol

Wat Maha That Wachira Mongkol (วัดมหาธาตุวชิรมงคล)
Wat Maha That Wachira Mongkol (วัดมหาธาตุวชิรมงคล)

One of the first recommended places by the local is Wat Maha That Wachira Mongkol which has a Maha Chedi with a height of 45 meters. In fact, this is the highest Chedi in all of the southern region of Thailand! The design of the Maha Chedi is similar to the place called Bodh Gaya or Mahabodhi Temple which is the place that the Buddha is enlightened in India. It is both massive and contains beautiful details that you must see to believe. Inside of the Chedi also have some wall arts in which they are magnificent as the ones on its exterior.

Wat Tham Suea

Wat Tham Suea (วัดถ้ำเสือ)
Wat Tham Suea (วัดถ้ำเสือ)

Another temple that you should visit is called Wat Tham Suea or the Tiger’s Cave Temple. It is a temple that is located up in the mountain. There are Phra That Chedi Yod Khao Kaew and a giant Buddha statue inside of the temple. As stated earlier, the temple is located 600 meters above ground in the mountain and you have to walk on a stair with 1,237 steps. Once you get up there, you will be able to see beautiful views of the Krabi city in every direction. You can even watch some white and silky mists up there as well.


The Emerald Pool or Sa Morakot

Emerald Pool (สระมรกต)
Emerald Pool (สระมรกต)

Krabi also has the amazing nature gem inside of the province and that is known as the Emerald Pool or Sa Morakot. It is a warm natural pool in the middle of a forest with crystal clear water and an ocean green color. However, the color of the water will be changed throughout the day, including the factor of weather and time. The water temperature is also quite nice too. It is about 30 to 50 degrees Celsius. There are many species of plants and forests you can observe while you are in the pool. Do not think that it will be too crowded for you to get into the water as there are three pools you can get into, so enjoy the warm water!


Klang Cave

Klang Cave (ถ้ำคลัง)
Klang Cave (ถ้ำคลัง)

Once you get enough of the pool, you can move on to the next place called Klang Cave. The cave is quite long in length with about 1,200 meters in distance. There are many rock formations that undergone through extensive weathering which produces a beautiful sight for you to see in the present days. Inside the cave, there are 13 rooms in which some of them you need to climb or walk through water, depending on the route. Currently, there are five discovered entrances and exits. The highlight of this place is the rock straw or Lhod Hin Yoi which is basically a combination of a coffee straw and calcite prism that caused from sedimentary limestones that builds up into shape.


Other interesting information about Krabi, Thailand

The motto for this province is “The Province of Coal Mines, Fossil Shell Beach, Towering Mountains, Beautiful Streams, An Abundance of Islands, Palm Plantations, Sandy Beaches, Wonderful Sea World, The Emerald of Andaman, and Heavenly Phi Phi Islands”. To get around the province, you can use the local Songthaew located at many tourist attractions around the province. As Krabi is composed of mostly coasts and islands, the long-tail boat is your best bet in traveling between them. Lastly, you can use a car to travel around which you can either rent one yourself or take a taxi. For accommodation, there are plenty of accommodations around Krabi no matter where you are at. It can be a normal budget hotel to some of the most luxurious resorts on the islands. Enjoy your trip at the beach!

Credit video : Amazing Thailand


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