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  • Similan Islands 2 (??????????????? 2)
  • Samed Nang She Sightseeing Spot (??????????????????)
  • Sightseeing Spot called Tha Khao Bay (????????????????????)
  • Yao Noi Island (???????????)
  • Phang nga Pic (???????????????)
  • James Bond Island at Phang Nga Bay National Park (????????? ????? ??????????????????????????)
  • Klong Sang Nay (????????????)
  • Khao Khai Nui (??????????)
  • Khai Islands (???????)
  • Surin Islands (????????????????)

Phang Nga – The Center for Islands in Thailand

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General Information of Phang-Nga

Phang Nga is a beautiful province filled with excitement and beyond magnificent islands. If you are currently looking for the next dream vacation in a tropical area near the Andaman Sea with forests and islands, this province will suit you best! Its natural beauty and underwater scenery will not leave you disappointed! The province of Phang Nga is located on the coastline next to the Andaman Sea. In the past, this province was inhabited by little and small communities named Kraphu-nga. Some time passed, and it was later occupied by the Burmese as well. However, Siam was victorious over the Burma many years later, so the Burmese were expelled from the province. The province itself is quite peaceful and you can really see the harmony within the locals here that you may not see elsewhere in Thailand.

The province of Phang Nga consists of many beautiful islands which are equally famous! Apart from the main islands that this province has, there are many small islands for you to explore! It is guaranteed that you will find an island that will satisfy all your needs and desires. As there are a lot of famous attractions, it would take quite some time to go to them all!

Similan Islands


Similan Islands has nine main islands and other many more small islands around them. These islands have some things in common and you will surely know what they are. Almost all of them has a fine and white sand and very clear water. The coral reefs under the sea is also in a good condition. Their colors are bright and there are small fishes that swim around it from time to time, including rare marine lives such as whales, dolphins, Moray eels, and etc. You can also dive in shallow and deep waters.



Ta Chai Island

Ta Chai Island is located on the north of Similan Islands with clear blue sea, including soft and white sand beaches. There are also spots where you can dive to see the abundant coral reefs in which it is an island that you should come and experience yourself! Phang Nga Bay National Park is filled with limestone islands that you can take a trip to via a boat. There are many interesting places like surrounding islands, rock formations, ancient paintings, soccer field in the middle of the sea, and the most famous of them all; Khao Tapu or James Bond Island.

James Bond Island at Phang Nga Bay National Park (????????? ????? ??????????????????????????)
James Bond Island at Phang Nga Bay National Park (????????? ????? ??????????????????????????)


The latter place is an island where they filmed a James Bond movie in the past.


Surin Islands


Surin Islands is also a group of islands with a beautiful sight of white sand beach and the ocean. I would say that it is equally beautiful with the Similan Islands, especially Mae Yai Bay, Chak Bay, and Chong Kad Nai Bay which are located on Northern Surin Island. Tao Bay and Pak Kad Bay are pretty famous on the Southern Surin Island as well. I would really love you to find a chance to experience the charm and beauty of these islands! The white sand, clear water, and the abundance of coral reefs are waiting for you there.


Khai Islands

Khai Islands (???????)
Khai Islands (???????)

Lastly, Khai Islands is a small group of three islands with white beaches. It is also a place to see some beautiful shallow water?s coral reefs which is also not that far from Phuket.

Thailand is undeniably a dream destination for islands and mountains. Many of the characteristics in Thailand are hidden from the eyes of the tourists, but not on my watch. People should see what Phang Nga really is from the perspective of the locals and you will see the most amazing things that this province can provide. The first two places that are highly recommended by the locals are Samed Nang She and To Lhee Bay Sightseeing Spots.

Samed Nang She Sightseeing Spot (??????????????????)
Samed Nang She Sightseeing Spot (??????????????????)

These two places are not too far apart from each other and they are the two spots where you can see the sunlight shines upon the mountains, big and small limestones, and the ocean of Phang Nga. This is an extremely beautiful sight for you to see. In the night, you can also set up a tent here to see the most amazing stars that are all over the night sky.


Yao Noi Island

Next place is called Yao Noi Island which is an island that offers you many activities. Apart from sunbathing, relaxing on a beautiful white beach, swimming in a crystal-clear water, and diving to see many magnificent coral reefs, there are homestays that let you stay with the people of Yao Noi Island in which you can experience the nature and the way of life of these people here. Also, you will be able to enjoy doing activities with them, including farming, go out in the sea to set up fishing nets for lobsters and various fishes, and making batik fabrics.

Yao Noi Island (???????????)
Yao Noi Island (???????????)

There is one place in this island that you cannot miss which is Tha Khao Bay. It is a sightseeing spot specially for watching sunrise and a place where you can see other islands beautifully align.

Sightseeing Spot called Tha Khao Bay (????????????????????)
Sightseeing Spot called Tha Khao Bay (????????????????????)


Sang Nay Canal

Klong Sang Nay (????????????)
Klong Sang Nay (????????????)

The third recommended place by the local is Sang Nay Canal, Klong Sang Nay, or the Little Amazon. This place is a small piece of forest that is full of biological features. The highlight of this place is the boat trip that will give you a tour of the place. You will see many Banyan trees that are more than a century old. The branches of the trees form a beautiful tunnel and you will be in awe. Another highlight is that you will be able to meet green snakes, mangrove snakes, and boas that are sleeping in the noon time. If you are lucky, you might be able to observe a hornbill which is a really rare bird.


Khao Khai Nui


The last place on the list. It is a sightseeing spot that will let you see the famous sea of mists at Phang Nga. You can also watch the beauty of the sunrise and the mists surrounded by mountains and the Andaman Sea. You can come here in every season to see the mist.

Local Tells

The motto for this province is ?Massive Mining Industry, Ban Klang Nam ?Floating House? Delightful Caves, Strangely-Shaped Hills, Jampun Flower, and Rich in Resources?.

To get to Phang Nga

If you want to get in here, there are many different ways you can choose to go with this. First choice it to travel by car which will roughly take you around 12 hours as the province is about 788 kilometers from Bangkok. You might take the plane here as well, but you have to get off either in Phuket or Krabi as there is no airport in the province. Another sound choice is by taking the bus from Bangkok in which you can take the bus from the Southern Bus Terminal. The time will be about the same as traveling by car. You can get adventurous by taking the taxi all the way here too. Be sure to ask about the price and evaluate it before you decide about that.

To get around the province:

there are several mean of transportations available. Public passenger pick-up vehicles or songthaews are usually all over the province. Long-tail boat is an ideal choice to get to and from the islands.

For accommodation:

there are various ranges of hotels from budget to luxury hotels or resorts. The cheapest accommodation you can find might costs you around 250 baht per night for a single room. However, it could go as high as 60,000 baht per night for luxury hotels. I wish you enjoy your trip at the islands!

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