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Uthai Thani – A Destination with Abundant Natural Resources in Thailand

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Many provinces in Thailand contains many unique characteristics that always make tourists stand in shock of how amazing they are. Whether it is the natural resources that the province has or the history it contains, Thailand covers all of the awesome qualities that always attract tourists and explorer to come to Thailand.

Explorers are always welcome in Thailand and they will surely find something that they would like here. However, there is one province which is rarely mentioned as being a province with a lot of tourist attractions. In fact, it is one of the provinces in Thailand that has the most abundant natural resources in wildlife and forest. This province is called Uthai Thani


General Information of Uthai Thani

It is one of the most stunning places you can find if you are visiting Thailand. As mentioned before, you can find lots of natural resources here in this province such as wildlife, forest, jungles, plains, streams, and more.

We would recommend to come to this province to see its natural resources as they are pretty much untouched by visitors. So, it might be a good idea to explore new territory apart from other famous places in Thailand.


How to travel to Uthai Thani

To get here, you can use the bus from Bangkok or you can easily drive here yourself. It could be quite troublesome to find a transportation here as there are very few tourists who visit Uthai Thani. If you are coming, you will be amazed at what this province has to offer and you will definitely leave with cherishable memories.


Things to do in Uthai Thani

Let me start with the famous attractions here in Uthai Thani and there are quite a lot of them, including traditions. If you are traveling around Thailand, you might notice that there are quite a significant amount of temples around the country. Uthai Thani also has a few temples inside the province for you to see.


Wat Tha Soong

Wat Tha Soong
Wat Tha Soong

The first place or the first temple that you should definitely visit is Wat Tha Soong which is one of the most beautiful temples in the entire province. It is very famous for the locals here as well.

The highlight of this temple is inside the glass sanctuary which has a height of around 100 meters. It is decorated with glass and white transparent glass mosaic that truly shines and reflects. There are quite a few decorations like these that lead to the golden Buddha inside.

Wat Tha Soong
Wat Tha Soong

The interior contains highly detailed wall arts for you to indulge yourself with. Another highlight of this place is the golden castle that is decorated with magnificent golden mosaic. It is built with bricks that contain Thai style art on the bricks. If you are visiting Uthai Thani, you cannot miss this place!


the Sakae Krang River

Sakae Krang River (ชุมชนวิถีชีวิตริมน้ำสะแกรัง)
Sakae Krang River (ชุมชนวิถีชีวิตริมน้ำสะแกรัง)

You should also visit a community along the Sakae Krang River to see the way of life of the people living here which is quite rare in Thailand. It is an old community since the Ayutthaya era which is about 250 years old.

The community is basically houses that has one of its part into the river. The culture of the people here is very simple, most of them are fishermen and you can take a boat tour to see them. Fishes here are a must to eat, especially the giant gourami. Fishes here are deserve to be grilled as it will produce a delicious smell which is quite a famous dish in this province.


Wat Uposatharam

Wat Uposatharam (วัดอุโปสถาราม)
Wat Uposatharam (วัดอุโปสถาราม)

The last place is Wat Uposatharam and it is a temple that is located beside the water for more than a century. The temple is very beautiful, especially the details of the wall arts. The unique thing about this place is the arts outside of the sanctuary which is highly detailed. You can also see many old architectural styles inside the temple’s area.


‘Local Tells’

Other recommended places are available for you to see which are not really that famous, but they are quite important for the locals in this province.


Wat Sangkat Rattana Khiri on top of Sakae Krang Mountain

Wat Sangkat Rattana Khiri (วัดสังกัสรัตนคีรี)
Wat Sangkat Rattana Khiri (วัดสังกัสรัตนคีรี)

The first place is Wat Sangkat Rattana Khiri on top of Sakae Krang Mountain. Inside of the temple, there is a holy Buddha statue which is a statue that has been here for a very long time since the founding of the province itself. Apart from the beauty of this temple and mountain, you can see breathtaking views of the entire province from up here. You can either choose to go up here by the 449 steps star or by car.


Tak Bat Devo Festival

Tak Bat Devo Festival (ตักบาตรเทโว)
Tak Bat Devo Festival (ตักบาตรเทโว)

Another highlight of this temple is the festival that is usually held every year which is called Tak Bat Devo Festival in October. It is a big festival for Uthai Thani and many people from both inside the province and outside come to make merit.

This festival is very unique and it directly correlates with a certain myth. A myth told us about a story in which the Buddha descends down from heaven to earth. The festival tries to replicate that myth by using 500 monks walking down 449 steps of a stair. You can also eat some local foods here!


Wat Tham Khao Wong

Wat Tham Khao Wong (วัดถ้ำเขาวง)
Wat Tham Khao Wong (วัดถ้ำเขาวง)

Another temple in this province that you should check out is Wat Tham Khao Wong which looks a lot more like a resort than an old temple. It was entirely built with teakwood.

This temple is also unique to other temples in Thailand with its architectural style that resembles an old four stories Thai house. The temple is a work of great craftsmanship from Ayutthaya that you should really see. At the back of this temple, there is a stair you can take which will take you to various caves that many Buddhists used as a place to practice their religion surrounded by the nature.



Hoob-pa-tad (หุบป่าตาด)
Hoob-pa-tad (หุบป่าตาด)

The last place is Hoob-pa-tad which is a mysterious forest in the middle of a hole that is made from the collapse of an ancient cave. There is no light in the cave at all until you reach the end of the tunnel.

Hoob-pa-tad (หุบป่าตาด)
Hoob-pa-tad (หุบป่าตาด)

You will see a forest inside that is filled with various plants and it is almost like adventuring into a Jurassic age. At the end of the path, you will reach another cave with enough open space to see the light come through. The cave is also filled with many rock formations that undergone much weathering.


Living in Uthai Thani

The motto of Uthai Thani is “The City of Phra Chanok Chakri, Tasty Giant Gourami, Devo Festival, Baan Namtok’s Pomelo, Huai Kha Kang is a World Heritage, Sakae Krang River, and The Famous Ko Grabue Market”.

To get around Uthai Thani

You can get around the town by using tuk-tuks and motorcycle taxis around the province. However, we would to walk around from place to place for your experience.


There are quite a few hotels for you to rest from a long trip. Most of the hotels are mid-range hotels, but you can also find some decent looking hotels here. The price may range from 500 to a few thousand baht per night. Happy touring!


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