Samut Sakhon Pic (รูปจังหวัดสมุทรสาคร)

Samut Sakhon – A Small Historic City Near the Center of Thailand

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Some great cities are close to the capital of that country and that includes Thailand as well. Samut Sakhon is really close to the capital and it is filled with a lot of excitement for tourists! This place is packed with history, culture, and tradition that are unique to other parts of the country. It is really something that you cannot miss!

General information about Samut Sakhon, Thailand

Samut Sakhon is a shore city which means it is the location of a market for seafood shipments. This characteristic makes this province has a lot fresh seafood restaurant, especially Mahachai Market which is the biggest centre of seafood in Thailand!

The province itself is really close to Bangkok with only 36 kilometers in distance and it is situated near the mouth of Tha Chin River.

A little history of Tha Chin in this case is that it used to be called as the port where the Chinese used to come here and trade with Thais. The name changed when King Rama IV was in reign at the time. You can also find its history dated back to the Ayutthaya era which is roughly more than 300 years ago.


To get to Samut Sakhon

As the province is close to Bangkok, you can find yourself a hell lot of options to travel here. The first obvious choice is to travel by car. You can either rent a car and drive here yourself or take a taxi. Next it to travel by a bus from the Southern Bus Terminal in which you can check the schedule at their website.

If you want to take it slow, you can choose to travel by the train at Wongwien Yai Station. You can get to Wongwien Yai by taking the BTS and walk 300 meters toward the station. The signs around there should help you find your way. I hope you have a pleasant time in traveling!


Famous Tourist attractions in Samut Sakhon, Thailand

Famous attractions should be the first group of places that tourists must travel to as they can easily orient themselves after visiting these places. Most of Samut Sakhon’s famous attractions are temples, but you will also get to see a great village that produces something you might want to take home! If you are ready, then let us dive in!


Wat Suttiwat Wararam

Wat Chong Lom (วัดช่องลม)
Wat Chong Lom (วัดช่องลม)

The first famous place at Samut Sakhon is Wat Suttiwat Wararam and it is also known by the local as Wat Chong Lom. This temple has been around with this province since the beginning.

The decoration is beautifully done, and it is recognized as a role model for a modern temple. Its highlight is literally on the interior walls of the temple where there are wonderful arts that are painted there all over the inside of the temple, including doors and windows.
Other unique thing about this temple is that you can see more than a thousand of swallows or martins nested between the spaces on the ceiling and behind the ceiling. They are here for more than ten years without going anywhere and no one knows why.

In addition, you can see the views of Tha Chin River in front of the river which is very magnificent. As you are here in Thailand, you should check out the community too.


Benjarong Don Kai Dee Village

Don Kai Dee Village (ชุมชนดอนไก่ดี)
Don Kai Dee Village (ชุมชนดอนไก่ดี)

This place is a seller and producer of Benjarong with highly skilled craftsmanship that is famous here. To clarify, Benjarong is a pottery made out of clay with variety of colors as its detailing. It is an art that has been passed down from many previous generations and you can even buy it as a souvenir!

Don Kai Dee Village (ชุมชนดอนไก่ดี)
Don Kai Dee Village (ชุมชนดอนไก่ดี)

If you are curious to find out how they did it, you can observe the production line while you are here. However, if you want to really learn about the way they do arts, there is a homestay for you to rest overnight.


Wat Tha Mai

Wat Tha Mai (วัดท่าไม้)
Wat Tha Mai (วัดท่าไม้)

Another temple that is really famous for many Thais is called Wat Tha Mai. You might see a sticker written in Thai that says Wat Tha Mai on the back of many cars’ windows on the road which truly represents the popularity of the temple. The highlight of this temple is the Maha Parinippan temple that is really beautiful.

Wat Tha Mai (วัดท่าไม้)
Wat Tha Mai (วัดท่าไม้)

Inside of the structure, there are many holy things you can pay respect to such as Guan Yin, Rahu, Ganesha, and the famous Phra Geji in Thailand. It is also famous for its religion rituals and some say that the fortune telling service is also really accurate.


Local Tells

Unique attractions are places or activities that many tourists are craving for when they are visiting Thailand, especially cultural and traditional places and events. Samut Sakhon consists of many places that truly represents a great culture in a certain period that this province has. The traces grab the attention of the locals, but not to most tourists yet.

Phra Klang Nam

Phra Klang Nam (พระกลางน้ำ)
Phra Klang Nam (พระกลางน้ำ)

The first recommended place by the local is Phra Klang Nam which basically translates to a monk in the middle of water. It is actually a kind of structure known as a Sala in Thai that you only have to take a boat there. Inside this Sala, there is a Buddha statue of the sea and it is really something that you should see. While you are on a boat, I recommend you to take a look at the fishermen that are farming mussels on the way to the Sala. If you are lucky, you might have a chance to meet Bryde’s whales between the period of May to October and some dolphins on December to March.


Wat Krok Krak

Wat Krok Krak (วัดโกรกกราก)
Wat Krok Krak (วัดโกรกกราก)

The next place of the list is called Wat Krok Krak. It is a temple and it is an ancient one from the early Rattanakosin era. If you are coming to Thailand to look at temples, this is one of them that you should check out. It has been here with the province for more than a hundred years and it is a very unique place. The really outstanding thing about this place is what it has inside of it. The Buddha statue inside of the temple is a Sila Lang Buddha image that wears a sunglass. If you want to know why this Buddha must wear a sunglass, you can come here and let the local tell the tale.

Phan Thai Norasing Floating Market

Phan Thai Norasing Floating Market (ตลาดน้ำพันท้ายนรสิงห์)
Phan Thai Norasing Floating Market (ตลาดน้ำพันท้ายนรสิงห์)

As Samut Sakhon is the centre of seafood in Thailand, the place that filled with seafood with variety of restaurants and a floating market that you should not miss is Phan Thai Norasing Floating Market. It is actually a market that replicates the ancient atmosphere on the side of a canal. The merchants here will dress up in some old and authentic clothes.

Phan Thai Norasing Floating Market (ตลาดน้ำพันท้ายนรสิงห์)
Phan Thai Norasing Floating Market (ตลาดน้ำพันท้ายนรสิงห์)

This place contains more than 170 shops you can explore which include restaurants and a variety of Thai snacks. It is a market that opens on the weekend.

Not so far from here is another market called Rim Klong Phan Tai Norasingh Market in which this market sells various food, including desserts! The price is also cheap, and the food is highly delicious! You can also buy souvenirs from here too.


Other interesting information about Samut Sakhon, Thailand

The motto for this province is “Fishing City, Factory Town, Agricultural Ground, and Historic Site”.

To get around the city, you can use any of these transportation for your convenience which includes tuktuks, motorcycle taxis, tricycle taxis, and metered taxis. If you want to cross the river, there is a ferry service for you to take, but be sure to check the schedule to plan your trip.

For accommodation, there are various hotels you can find here. However, most of them are mid-range hotels which costs around 500 to 1000 baht per night. I wish you have a great trip!


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