Phatthalung Pic (รูปจังหวัดพัทลุง)

Phatthalung – A Mountainous City in the South of Thailand

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General Information about Phatthalung

There are not many provinces that has a rich culture like Phatthalung does. The province is located on the west coast of Songkhla Lake and it is among a very few mountainous cities in the south of Thailand.

If there is one symbol that truly represents this mountainous city, it would be Khao Ok Thalu or Mount Ok Thalu. Its height is massive, and you can definitely see it from a far.

This province also has its long tradition and culture, especially the performing arts called Nang Talung or puppet shadow play and the Manorah dance in which the dance originates here. The province has been assumed that it was built in the Srivijaya period and the town was moved between various districts because of the risks at that time.


To get to Phatthalung

The distance from Bangkok to this province is about 860 kilometers and there are many ways you can reach the province. The first way is by car which will roughly take you about 10 to 11 hours to get here.

The second way is by plane, but there is no airport at Phatthalung. All you need to do is take a flight to either Trang or Songkhla and continue your way from there.

If you want to have a more slower approach, you can take the train directly from Bangkok to Phatthalung in which it will take you around 12 or more hours to get here. Be ready to explore the culture that this province can provide!


Famous attractions in Phatthalung, Thailand

Famous attractions in Phatthalung consist of many natural sites that you can explore.

Talay Noi

Talay Noi (ทะเลน้อย)
Talay Noi (ทะเลน้อย)



The first place that you can delve yourself in is Talay Noi or the Little Sea. This place is recognized as the first Ramsar Site in Thailand. There are many unique and various biological marks here, including the ecosystem, marine life, and plants. The best period for visiting is around February to March.

Talay Noi (ทะเลน้อย)
Talay Noi (ทะเลน้อย)

There are more than 287 species of birds you can observe, and you can see them all over the place. The highlight of this place is taking the boat to see red lotuses that bloom in the morning while watching countless species of birds. In fact, this is the place that contains the most lotus in the southern region of Thailand.


Water Buffalos

water buffalos
water buffalos



Another highlight for this place is the sight of buffalos in which the villager called them as water buffalos. The buffalo actually adapt to the surrounding environment. When the water level is down, they will go through the water to eat the grass, but when the water level rises, you will see them swimming to eat other plants such as lotus and seaweed.


Khao Aok Talu

Khao Aok Talu (เขาอกทะลุ)
Khao Aok Talu (เขาอกทะลุ)

As this province is quite mountainous, Khao Aok Talu should be the mountain on the top of your visiting list in which it is also mentioned in the province’s motto. This place is literally the symbol of the Phatthalung and you can see it from the city itself. You can go up the mountain to see the beauty of Phatthalung city in 360 degrees view with a height of around 250 meters and you have to go up a stair of 1,066 steps

Khao Aok Talu (เขาอกทะลุ)
Khao Aok Talu (เขาอกทะลุ)





Local Tells

There are several recommendations for tourists to visit and they are not actually much of a tourism site.

Klong Pak Pra

Klong Pak Pra (คลองปากประ)
Klong Pak Pra (คลองปากประ)

The first recommended place by the local has to be Klong Pak Pra which is a significant canal of the province. As soon as you arrived at this place, you will see hundreds of handmade fishing net with a southern twist on their designs floating above the water.

Those fishing nets are not ordinary fishing nets, they are huge! With the local knowledge of the people here, they are capable of making these giant fishing nets on their own, even one person can make it.

This is a very famous place in the province of Phatthalung where you can get on the boat and cruise away from the shore to see and take pictures of the first light in the morning and the sunset in the evening. It would be even more beautiful if you take pictures with hundreds of fishing nets while you are on the boat.



Manorah (มโนราห์)
Manorah (มโนราห์)

If you talk about the art and culture which are uniquely exist with the province of Phatthalung, it would be something called Manorah and it is also mentioned in the motto of the province.

Manorah is a performance that you can see in many provinces in the south of Thailand, but the show is originated from Phatthalung.

Manorah (มโนราห์)
Manorah (มโนราห์)

If you are wondering what Manorah is, it is a Thai dancing performance which projects soft and beautiful actions throughout the dance. The art of Manorah has been passed down from many generation to the next since the ancient times with the same of everything as it is considered as a high-level form of art from the ancient period.

In addition, the origin of Manorah is from Wat Tha Kae in the city district in which there is an event called Norah Rong Kru around April to May of every year and it is a big event for the province.

If you cannot make it to this period, you can also watch Manorah from other places in this province such as Pa Phai Market in which the place will provide an original performance of Manorah on every Saturday. If you are here at Phatthalung, we would recommend that you experience Manorah at least once.


Prai Wan or Prao Waterfall

Prai Wan Waterfall (น้ำตกไพรวัลย์)
Prai Wan Waterfall (น้ำตกไพรวัลย์)

Lastly, Prai Wan or Prao Waterfall is a big waterfall with a height of 30 meters and 15 meters wide. It is one of the most famous waterfalls in the southern region. There is a little pond below the waterfall that you can go in and enjoy.

Surrounding the waterfall is an area that filled with abundance of nature and you can take a walk to mesmerize with countless species of plants, including butterflies.


Other Interesting Information about Phatthalung

The motto for this province is “The City of Nora and Shadow Play, Land of Paddy Field, Prao Waterfall, Source of Waterfowl, Lovely Lake, Khao Ok Thalu, and Hot Spring”.

For accommodation

There are various hotels ranging from budget to mid-range hotel with a reasonable price from 300 baht to more than 2,000 baht.

Getting around Phatthalung

It may be a bit difficult for tourists and it is best that you can a mean of transportation sorted out before coming here. Enjoy your travel here!


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