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Udonthani – Explore the Northeastern Region?s Primary Commercial Centre of Thailand

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Udon Thani is a well-known province for Thai people, especially in the northeastern region of Thailand. If you are planning to visit Thailand, you might as well consider coming to Udon Thani for once and I am sure that you will not regret any decision that leads you up to it.

General Information about Udon Thani, Thailand

Udon Thani is a province of Thailand that you will certainly like if you already interested in archaeology. You will find Ban Chiang Archaeological Site which contains the most outstanding traces of old civilization in Thailand! You will be able to see settlements of pre-historic humans in Southeast Asia that explain culture, agriculture, academic, and culture of humans from more than 4,300 years ago. It has also received the World Heritage award from UNESCO.

With about 450 kilometers from Bangkok, it is moderately difficult to come here and there are many ways to do so. The fastest way is to take a place from Bangkok or somewhere else to Udon Thani International Airport. The second fastest way is to take a taxi or a bus from Bangkok?s Northeastern Bus Terminal. You can also choose to take a train here as well, but it would take you around 10 hours to get here.


The famous attractions in Udon Thani, Thailand

As Udon Thani is a famous commercial hub of the region, it is safe to assume that this place must have a lot of famous places than some provinces. You may be correct as this place has a lot of places you can go to, but not that much in some perspective. However, if you really want to see something unique in terms of nature, culture, or history, then you are in for a treat!

The Red Lotus Sea

Red Lotus Sea (??????????)
Red Lotus Sea (??????????)

The first famous place of Udon Thani is the Red Lotus Sea. This place locates inside a freshwater swamp called Bueng Nong Han and it is an abundant source of water on an area of 28,125 rai with many species of fishes and various species of birds with more than 74 species, including plants of more than 15 species. However, the most special thing here is the lotus that has a pinkish red color and it blooms all over the body of water like a sea of lotuses. The most recommended period to come here is between December to February and the best time is from dawn until about 11 o?clock in the morning. You can rent a private or a group boat for a tour as well.

Baan Chiang Archaeological Site

Baan Chiang Archaeological Site (??????????????????????)
Baan Chiang Archaeological Site (??????????????????????)

If you like archaeology, you will be amazed at what you can find here. Baan Chiang Archaeological Site is one of the most famous archaeological sites in Thailand! This place separates the National Museum into two parts. The first part is near Wat Bodhi Sri Nai and it is the first open museum that contains archaeological sites in Thailand. You can visit the exhibition that simulates an archaeological dig site as well. The second part is a building that tell a story and shows the culture of Baan Chiang in the past, including the display of ancient tools. Not that far from the National Museum of Baan Chiang, you can buy the famous souvenirs of Udon Thani there. If you are wondering what famous around here, it is known as Baan Chiang Potteries. The pottery has a unique design and detail which replicates the ancient potteries that has been found here.


Phu Phra Bat

Phu Phra Bat (????????)
Phu Phra Bat (????????)

The list continues with a mountain named Phu Phra Bat which is a park that shows the civilization of pre-historic humans of more than 3,000 years ago in various caves and rocks that are scatter around the park. People assumed that these caves used to be shelters for ancient humans and the people back then painted a variety of pictures in more than 30 places.

These pictures include human, animal, hand, and geometric shapes. This place also has a square that made out of rocks that gone through much weathering which creates beautiful rock formation. You might want to see a carved stone of Buddha image from Tawarawadee era here.

Phu Phra Bat (????????)
Phu Phra Bat (????????)


Locals usually recommend places that are significant to them and have something of value to the province or themselves. This is why it is crucial to follow or visit the places that they usually hold in their hearts. These places will be both amazing and intriguing to experience at the same time!


Pa Phu Kon Temple

Pa Phu Kon Temple (????????????) 1
Pa Phu Kon Temple (????????????)?

The first place is a temple called Pa Phu Kon Temple which situated inside the forest with over 4.8 square kilometers of area. This characteristic alone makes this temple has a peaceful atmosphere and a beautiful scenery. The hightlight of this temple is the structure that has an architectural style of Thailand during the Rattanakosin era that is very beautiful. Inside of the structure is also beautifully decorated with a white Buddha statue made with marbles that has a length of more than 20 meters.

Pa Phu Kon Temple (????????????)
Pa Phu Kon Temple (????????????)

This particular structure with white marbles uses 42 marbles and align them next to each other. It took more than four years to build it, so it is quite beautiful to watch and hard to break. Around the evening time, the temple will open the lights which creates a beautiful perspective. You might want to compare both day and night sceneries of the temple.

Phu Foi Lom

Phu Foi Lom (???????)
Phu Foi Lom (???????)

The next place on the list is not a temple, but a mountain called Phu Foi Lom. The place locates on top of Phu Pan Noi Mountain Range with a height of 600 meters and lovely atmosphere. This place also holds a display of many beautiful flowers of various species in the wild that can only be seen in the northeastern region of Thailand. They also have winter flowers as well. This showcase goes on all year long and the plants change with the season.

Phu Foi Lom (???????)
Phu Foi Lom (???????)

If you are enough with the flowers, you can move on to the sightseeing spot named Pha Rub Aroon where you can see the wide green forest, including the inner city of Udon Thani that is very beautiful in both night and day. You can also set up a tent at the designated spot provided here or the resident, so you can see the stars at night.

Wat Pa Dong Baan Rai

Wat Pa Dong Baan Rai (???????????????)
Wat Pa Dong Baan Rai (???????????????)

Last place that the locals recommend is Wat Pa Dong Baan Rai. The special thing about this place is a temple in the middle of the water that shapes like a lotus. You can only find this kind of structure here in Thailand! This structure has diameter and height of 19 meters with 24 lotus leaves. You can walk to the structure by taking a bridge which leads to a beautiful interior of the temple. There are Buddha statues and wall arts inside in which the weather is quite a complement too.

Other Interesting Information of Udonthani, Thailand

The motto of this province is the waterfall from Sun Phu Pan, the park of Dharma, the 5000 years civilization, Pha Mhee Khid, the land of wonder of Nong Prajak, and amazing orchids.

To get around this city

There are plenty of ways to get around the province. You can choose to take a variety of medium for taxis such as car, bicycle, and tuktuks. There are also local buses called songtaew around the town. If you want to rent your own car or motorcycle, feel free to do so here.

For accommodation,

there are a lot of choices for you to choose. Hotels are pretty much everywhere, and the price varies from 200 baht to more than 2,000 baht per night. So, have a nice stay!


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