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Rayong – One of the Most Famous Destination for Beaches in Thailand

General Information of Rayong

If you are looking for a province that consists of one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand, Rayong is the place to go. There are many beaches and islands you can go and explore. One of the most notable island in the east of Thailand belongs to the Rayong province which is Ko Samet. It is widely known for its beauty throughout Thailand and many people from all over the country have come to visit this place at least once in their lifetime!

While Ko Samet is the star of Rayong, there are also places like Baan Phae beach which is pretty much as popular as Ko Samet. You can also find great souvenirs to bring back home from your trip here too. Here, you can find delicious seafood and awesome processed food like dried fruits.


How to travel to Rayong


Traveling here is not that difficult either. As it is 179 kilometers from Bangkok, you can take the bus from the Eastern Bus Terminal located at Ekamai. If you prefer to have some privacy while traveling, you can drive there yourself as well. Too tired to drive for three hours to get here? Why not hire a private taxi? You might still be required to pay the expressway fee, but it is quite a convenient choice of travel.

There is a famous local airport called U-tapao Airport located here. However, you need to check with your agent (if you contacted one) if there is place flying here on that particular day or not. Once you have chosen your choice of traveling, you may want to have some sleep as there are much for you to enjoy here at Rayong!


Things to do in Rayong

The famous attractions for Rayong as I have said earlier, are mostly islands and beaches, so we?ll focus on that. As there are many beaches and island available for you to choose, it might be a problem choosing where and which one you should go.

Ko Samet

To save time for you, here is my recommendation. Let?s start with the most famous one and that is Ko Samet. The word ?Samet? comes from the red and white Samet trees around the whole island and that is where the name comes from. The island is notable for its bays and magnificent beaches.

Ao Prao

????????? (Ao Prao Bay)
????????? (Ao Prao Bay)

Ao Prao or Prao Bay, is where most foreigners decide to stay at. It is also renown for the most beautiful spot to see the sunset in the entire island.

Sai Kaew Beach

If you want to feel some action, I recommend heading to Sai Kaew Beach where you will find many activities to participate such as jet ski riding, banana boat, sailboat, and etc.

??????????? (Sai Kaew Beach)
Sai Kaew Beach at Rayong Thailand

A word of warning, this is the most crowded beach as well.

Ko Man

If you want to have some private space and experience some exotic places, you can take a visit to a group of three islands called Ko Man.

?????????? (Ko Man Nok)
Ko Man Nok

The first island is called Ko Man Nok which contains the most beautiful beaches of all three islands. The island itself is quiet and you can really enjoy some private time with yourself. If you are looking for a resort, there is only one available here. The highlight activity here is sunbathing on fined white sand beside the greenish blue sea. You can also go into the water and dive to see the coral reefs which is also suitable for ones who are looking for a place to relax.

??????????? (Ko Man Klang)
Ko Man Klang

Next up is Ko Man Klang which also has only one resort and have a very peaceful characteristic. This place is suitable for diving and you can also see the separated sea here.

????????? (Ko Man Nai)
Little sea turtle at Ko Man Nai

Lastly, Ko Man Nai which is the biggest island of them all. The island contains a center for turtle preservation and a sea turtle museum with many species of sea turtles for you to see.

Ko Talu Rayong Thailand
Ko Talu where you can see the most amazing natural rock formation

Other than Ko Samet, there is also Ko Talu where you can see the most amazing natural rock formation with a height of more than 10 meters. This place contains a landmark that you should really come and take a picture, including clear water and the most amazing coral reef in Rayong! If you like diving, you cannot miss this beautiful spot!


Local Tells?

The aforementioned places are really the main attractions for Rayong, but if you are looking for something more local, this is for you. Thailand is famous for its temples and nature. Rayong is simply reflecting what Thailand is. You can see various types of trees here and they are a beautiful sight to see.

Tung Prong Thong

???????????? (Tung Prong Thong)
???????????? (Tung Prong Thong)

Tung Prong Thong is an eco-tourism place with more than 9,600,000 square meters that also has a bridge with more than two kilometers in distance. You can easily be the one with nature by strolling through the thick forest. In the forest, you can see tall Prong trees that reflects light green colors throughout and it will be even more beautiful in the evening when it turns gold which you can take a picture of if you would like to.

????????????? (Khao Chamao)
????????????? (Khao Chamao Waterfall)

Khao Chamao Waterfall is a great place in Rayong to see some eight levels waterfall! However, level 7 is the most beautiful of them all. You can dive in the water and feed the fish here as well. Apart from the waterfall, the water is also clear enough for you to see Mahseer barbs on every level of the waterfall. If you are visiting Thailand, one of the must see here is temples. One of the temples in Rayong is the Khao Prathun Cave Temple in which the main highlight here is a boat trip through the cave in the rainy season which creates a small underwater city inside the cave that you can experience the peacefulness of nature.

???????????? (Khao Prathun Cave Temple)
Khao Prathun Cave Temple

However, in the drought season, you can easily walk through the cave. It is really something you should experience yourself rather seeing it from a brochure.

Baan Phae Beach

If you are looking for souvenirs to take back with you, Baan Phae Beach is the place to go.

????????? (Baan Phae Beach)
Baan Phae Beach

It is one of the top places in Rayong for buying quality and local souvenirs. The tips for souvenirs that I could give you is to buy processed seafood such as fish sauce, shrimp paste, and dried shrimp. If you fancy fruits instead, I highly recommend dried durian, mangosteen, rambutan, and longan. Be sure to check out other local goods as well! If you come here around April to July, most fruit gardens will have a fruit buffet where you can infinitely eat delicious fruits like durian, mangosteen, rambutan, longan, and zalacca.

Fruits - Souvenirs of Rayong Thailand
Fruits – Souvenirs of Rayong Thailand


Living in Rayong

Every province in Thailand has a motto and Rayong is no different. The motto for Rayong is ?Delicious Fruit, Advanced Industry, Tasty Fish Sauce, The Beautiful and Luxurious Ko Samet, and Soonthorn Poo the Poet?.

To get around town

you can use minibuses which will be able to take you anywhere with the right price. Please ask about the price first before getting in. You can also go to the bus station of the town to take the bus.


If you are finding a place to stay, there are various types of places you will find, ranging from a hotel that costs 800 baht a night to a large beautiful resort that can cost you a lot. It depends if you are staying on an island or in town. Are you planning to take a trip to the sea? I recommend coming here on November to April in which it is the prime time for the best season. Enjoy your stay!


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