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Prachinburi – One of Thailand?s Most Perfect Combination of Nature and Community

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General information of Prachinburi


Prachinburi, a province that contains so much history that dated back 800 years ago and most of are still well preserved to this day. Prachinburi is pronounced as ?Pra-jean-boo-ree?. It is a province located next to the border with a total area of approximately 4,762 square kilometers. In this province alone, there are many ruins that contain a lot of discoveries of artefacts such as pottery, bronze, and Buddha images. The province itself was built around communities of people along the Bang Pakong River since the ancient times. It used to be the centre of prosperity in art, culture, and many traditions. It was also once a trading hub that interacts mostly with India and China.


How to travel to Prachinburi


With just 135 kilometers from Bangkok, there are many traveling options you can choose to come here and explore the history yourself. The first option is to take the train from Bangkok at Hua Lamphong Station. It will take you two hours and 45 minutes to get here by train. If you are not so fancy of trains, you can also take a bus here. You can take the bus at Mo Chit 2 Bus Terminal on Kamphaeng Phet Road and it will take you about two hours to arrive at Prachinburi. The third option is to drive a car here which proves to be the most convenient way to come here. It will also take you less time if you choose the route wisely from Bangkok to Prachinburi. Once you are here, you can start exploring the nature provided and get ready for some sightseeing!


Things to do in Prachinburi


If you love history or ancient artefacts, Prachinburi is the place that you definitely need to come and visit!

Phraya Aphai Phubet Hospital


This place – Phraya Aphai Phubet Hospital has been constructed since the King Rama IV was in reign. The building is decorated with yellow that truly catches your eyes while the inside is preserving to be the way they are in the past. There are Thai medicine museum located here where they provide information about Thai herbs, including a Thai herbs store, health consultant, health rejuvenation spa, and Thai massages.

Phraya Aphai Phubet (???????????????) ??????????
Phraya Aphai Phubet (???????????????)

They also manufacture and sell famous Prachinburi?s souvenirs here! As Thailand are mainly a country with Buddhism believers since the past, there are many traces of the practice of Buddhism here in Thailand and Prachinburi is no exception.

Ton Pho (Banyan tree) Si Maha Pho

?????????????????? (Wat Sri Maha Pho)
Wat Sri Maha Pho

Ton Pho (Banyan tree) Si Maha Pho is the oldest banyan tree in Thailand with a height of more than 30 meters and a diameter of 25 meters. Its branches are as wide as 50 meters. It is also the symbol of Prachinburi itself. This tree has been first planted here in Thailand at this temple. There are other Buddha statues in different pose here as well. This temple holds quite a few events which usually involves religious rituals. People speculated this tree as the banyan tree that the Buddha has enlightened. There are more histories you can delve in if you visit Thailand, especially in Prachinburi. For example, the Prachinburi National Museum is the place where they showcase many artefacts from the eastern region of Thailand. If you are the one who loves an adventure, let me introduce you to an adventure that you cannot miss.

Prachinburi ??????????
Prachinburi National Museum


Kan Hin Perng is the place where you can really enjoy adventuring through the stream!

??????????????? (Kan Hin Perng)
Kan Hin Perng

It is also the highlight of the rainy season at this province! The place has a famous rafting activity with more than 7 stages from two to five level of difficulties that could take you up to 2 hours to pass them all. The distance of all the courses is around 4.5 kilometers. The fun can only be enjoyed with your friends. You can take your group of friends with you in which the numbers can be up to 8 people at a time. However, this activity only available on the rainy season of Thailand around July to October.


Local Tells

There are also more places you can go that is not really mainstream, but important nonetheless. If you are interested in museums, there is one that you should see. Yusuk Sawan Museum or the lamp museum is truly a unique place for you to come and see.

Yusuk Sawan Museum
Yusuk Sawan Museum

Outside of the museum consists of various species of plants while inside you can see more than 10,000 old lamps in which the lamps were made from different countries and they are fully hanged on the ceiling. There are many zones inside where you can see real ancient tools, silver, and even motorcycles from the year 1972. However, the owner starts to collect these things since the year 1977.

??????????????? (Wat Rattana Nettaram)
Wat Rattana Nettaram

Wat Rattana Nettaram is a temple with unique features that you cannot see elsewhere in Thailand. The architecture of this temple is decorated with sea shells that are truly beautiful. This is the work of the head of the temple and the monks that are living here. They gathered different kind of sea shells and carefully place them together to depict some small and large flowers.

Wat Rattana Nettaram (???????????????)
Wat Rattana Nettaram (???????????????)

Not just the walls, you will see that the ceiling, pillars, and interior are filled with these sea shells. Other temples in this province also have a spin-off like this temple as well that you can take a look at. Prachinburi is also the land of the fireflies as there are many abundant forests. In these peaceful forests, you can see the 100,000 fireflies come out at night, especially around 6:30pm to 8pm, but only in the rainy season.

Prachinburi is also the land of the fireflies

However, the rules that you must remember to follow when you are here is no usage of flash, lights, or any kind of noise when taking pictures. To end your journey, don?t forget to bring some souvenirs back with you. Other than the Thai herbs I mentioned earlier, there are seasonal fruits and phai tong which is a sweet bamboo. Both of them are really famous here in Prachinburi!

(Phai Tong)
Phai Tong


Living in Prachinburi

Every province of Thailand contains a motto and Prachinburi?s motto is ?City of the Sacred Bodhi Tree, Sweet Bamboo Shoots, Tasty Fruits and Ancient Remains of Dvaravati Towns?. If you wonder what?s more that this province can offer, just read the motto to find out. To get around in town, I highly recommend walking to really see the unique cultures of the town. If it gets tiring, you can always find tuktuks and motorcycle taxis. You can also take minibuses around town, just make sure to tell the driver where you want to go. The accommodations here are really cheap. You can find a hotel for the price as low as 490 baht. However, there are no hotels that are close to the river on the city side of the province. Enjoy your visit here at Prachinburi!


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