• Pattaya, Chonburi, Thailand
  • sweet sticky rice in bamboo (Nong Mon)
  • Bang Saen Beach, Chonburi Thailand
  • Koh Samae San, Chonburi Thailand
  • Koh Kham, Chonburi Thailand
  • Four Regions Floating Market, Chonburi Thailand
  • Koh Lan
  • Nong Nuch Garden, Pattaya, Chonburi Thailand
  • Buffalo racing at Chonburi Thailand
  • Sanctuary of Truth, Pattaya Thailand
  • Sanctuary of Truth (?????????????)
  • Cabaret Show (????????????)

Chonburi – The East Coast Gem of Thailand

If you?re talking about a place where it is close to Bangkok and also a popular tourist attraction, Chonburi would be one of the provinces that comes up.

General Information of Chonburi, Thailand

With only 81 kilometers away from Bangkok, Chonburi welcomes tourists with its beaches and beautiful sightseeing such as seas and mountains. It?s the perfect solution for anyone who?s looking for an escape from fast and chaotic life without traveling too far from the capital city. No matter what taste you have or what you are looking for, the place has so many varieties in which it can guarantee to have everything that will satisfy you.

Beach lovers? We got you. Chonburi consists of many beaches you can take a stroll on or bring your loved ones for a romantic date. Don?t want to stick in the mainland? There are many islands that you can go to in which all of the islands you?ll find will have one thing in common which is diving and seeing the most beautiful coral. Sunbathing and watching as the sunset are also things that you can enjoy.

How to travel to Chonburi

???????? There are many ways you can go to Chonburi as it isn?t far from the capital city that much. It would take you around one and a half hours to get here by car, or you could also take a plane here too. Check out U-Tapao International Airport but if you will travel from Bangkok, just take a van, a taxi, a bus from the bus terminal or International Airports in Bangkok and you will arrive at Chonburi before you know it!


Things to do in Chonburi

Let?s talk attractions. As Chonburi has so many attractions available for you to go to, it is impossible to go through all of them and even more so, to go to all of them in one trip. So, as a matter of convenience for you, I will mention three attractions in which you must go and experience!

Bang Saen Beach

Bang Saen Beach, Chonburi Thailand
Bang Saen Beach, Chonburi, Thailand

First off, this is an extremely famous beach among Thais and foreigners for so many years. It is a place where if you want a nice relaxing time at a beach with delicious seafood, this is the place that first comes to mind. You can spend time sitting on the beach chair, looking in a distant far from the shore, and feel the sea breeze.

However, if you want to feel some action, a banana boat is at your service. You can also enjoy swimming in the sea for hours, but I recommend not to go there on the weekends as the place will be packed!


Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya, Chonburi, Thailand
Pattaya is also one of the most amazing attraction here in Chonburi

Other than Bang Saen, Pattaya is also one of the most amazing attraction here in Chonburi. While there are so many places you can go in Pattaya, the Cabaret show is a performance show by ladyboy in which they are great performers and have unique characteristics. The show comes with sound, light, and colors, including the beautiful decoration on the stage which blend well with the performance.

Cabaret Show (????????????)

The Four Regions Floating Market is the place you must go and see.

Four Regions Floating Market, Chonburi Thailand

As the name implies, all of the good things from them, four regions of Thailand exist here in this market. From local handcrafted goods to products that are famous in each region, they are all here! There are also activities like traditional shows, a boat tour of the market, and a buffet where you can sample all of the delicious food from all over Thailand.


Koh Lan

Talking about islands here in Chonburi, if you are already enough with Pattaya, you can take a boat to Koh Lan to see the beaches they provide there.

Koh Lan
If you are already enough with Pattaya, you can take a boat to Koh Lan.


In Koh Lan alone, there are six beaches which they are all unique to each other. Is it amazing to just going to one place and see many beaches in one trip? It is also the place where it has one of the most preserved coral in Thailand, be sure to check it out and take pictures while you?re there!

Local Tells

The places I mentioned earlier are kind of mainstream where tourists would go, but there are other exotic places for you to experience as well.

The Sanctuary of Truth

If you talk about Thailand, you would think of temple, is that right? I recommend you to take a visit at the Sanctuary of Truth in which it is the largest wood architecture in Thailand.

Sanctuary of Truth, Pattaya Thailand
Sanctuary of Truth – the largest wood architecture in Thailand.

It took more than 20 years to build, and there is no nail used with the structure at all. Take a deep dive into the history and sculptures that has its own stories. There is also an English-speaking guide that could help you with that too.

Sanctuary of Truth (?????????????)


Nong Nuch Garden

If you like to take pictures with nature, you can go to Nong Nuch Garden for a sight you?ll never forget.

Nong Nuch Garden, Pattaya, Chonburi Thailand
Nong Nuch Garden

Nong Nuch Garden was once a Thai representative in the world?s flower competition called Chelsea Flower Show in London. It has 6th consecutive wins from 2010 to 2015. They have a lot of species of flowers with more than 18,000 species of tropical plants, and they are beautiful to watch. There are more than 20 gardens in different styles to suit what you might be looking for. If you love flowers or gardening, this is a place that you cannot miss.


Koh Samae San and Koh Kham

Enough with the flowers already? Why not try some of the exotic island other than being in Bang Saen and Pattaya? In Sattahip District, there are many peaceful beaches around the province, but two of the most beautiful beaches are located at Koh Samae San and Koh Kham – the more exotic spots you could take a look.


Credit video : Amazing Thailand


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