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5 things to do in Bangkok as a local

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5 things to do in Bangkok as a local

Find out what locals do instead of visiting the emerald buddha or shopping at JJ Sunday Market. Here’s are 10 things to do in Bangkok lists that you can do as a local. Some Thai’s gonna ask you ‘how do you know this!’

Thing #1 : No Tuk Tuk – go for motorbike!

If you come to Thailand for the first time, it is ok to try using Tuk Tuk and take a shot of selfie to share with your mates. However, Thais know that this kind of transportation now is for the travellers and they might charge foreigners higher than it should be.

Want to feel very local? try using the motorbike (the drivers normally wear the orange jacket). The price range should be from 20-80 THB depends on the length. Super Fast and very convenient for Thais especially in the busy morning and evening when most Thai officers start and finish their works.

Thing #2 : Street Food

The second things to do in Bangkok, we would suggest you to try Street foods! Street food here in Bangkok is super delicious. The places with popular Street food in Bangkok is China Town.

Thing #3 : Hottest club now – The Cassette Music Bar at Ekkamai

The most popular nightclub for Thais now is?The Cassette Music Bar – Ekkamai. No need to talk much, if you want to find some Thai nice girls – this is a must!

Thing #4 : No need to take a taxi from the airport, try using the Airport Link/BTS & MRT

Actually it is not only in Bangkok but just like everywhere, if you are a traveller and try to use a taxi, you might experience ones taking you by an indirect or roundabout route to increase the taxi meters. Or even worse, they will ask for a price that they want and if you don’t accept, they won’t take you.

So to avoid the moody feeling, we’d suggest to use the Airport-link train which is connected with Suvarnabhumi airport and go directly to the city center (Phayathai BTS Station) and you can use BTS from there further. It would take around 40-50 minutes from the airport to Phayathai with the cost of only 45 THB.

More info about the Airport Link


Thing #5 : Thais don’t go the Museum, we always go to the mall & department stores

Due to the weather, temperature and Thai’s lifestyle,? if you want to feel very local, try going to the big department stores such as Central World, Emquatier and Paragon especially on weekend. Department stores in Bangkok are super nice and contains with full of facilities and things that you want – luxury products, bank, restaurant, movie theatre, gym, supermarket. Oh and sometimes you will be able to experience the event as well.



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