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Tak – Destination for Exploring Nature in Thailand

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While Thailand is advanced in various ways, its nature is still well-preserved and ready to be explored by adventurers who are seeking a true peaceful experience. One of the places that always welcome tourists and travelers alike is Tak.


General Information about Tak, Thailand

This province is located in the lower north of Thailand. It also has a former name which is called Mueang Rahaeng or Rahaeng City. Tak is known for its nature as the main feature of the province.

It also contains some of the most beautiful waterfalls and dam in Thailand. You would not be able to experience something like this in other provinces. Travelling here is not that difficult at all. Everything that you need to do is follow our simple ways to get here.


How to travel to Tak, Thailand

The distance from Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, to Tak is approximately 426 kilometers which is quite far for the most parts. Unfortunately, you cannot travel by plane here as there is no airport here, but you can take the train instead.

However, the closest train station is in Phitsanulok which is about 80 kilometers from Tak. You might have to take a bus from there to get here. One of the most convenient way is to travel by bus that leaves from Mo Chit or the Northern Bus Terminal and it takes around seven hours to arrive here.

You can also choose to drive yourself here which is faster than taking the bus by two hours. Alternatively, you can take a flight to Mae Sot and take the bus from there. Once you are here, you are ready to explore like a true adventurer!


Things to do in Tak, Thailand

To confirm that you are actually here, it is utmost important to travel to the most famous places here in Tak. There are lots of places waiting for your arrival and it is your mission to at least conquer some of them.

Tee Lor Su Waterfall

??????????? (Tee Lor Su Waterfall), Tak, Thailand
??????????? (Thi Lo Su Waterfall)

The first famous attraction here is Thi Lo Su Waterfall which has a height of around 300 meters and with a width of 500 meters. This waterfall is considered to be the biggest and one of the most beautiful waterfall here in Thailand. However, this place is not that easily accessible to the outside world. You must either take a boat or take the local car to get into the place.

Google Map for Thi Lo Su/ Tee Lor Su Waterfall


Tee Lor Jor Waterfall

??????????? (Tee Lor Jor Waterfall)
??????????? (Tee Lor Jor Waterfall)

However, I highly recommend you to take a boat inside as the boat will pass another waterfall called Tee Lor Jor Waterfall which is a small waterfall and if you come at the right time, you might be able to see a rainbow on the stream of the waterfall. Then, you have to walk a little on the magnificent nature?s path that is already carved out for you.

Along the way, you will see beautiful nature, environment, and atmosphere on your path. After the short walk, you will soon arrive at the waterfall. It is almost like you are adventuring to the unknown and there is a prize waiting for you at the end of your journey. It is most suitable for an adventurer like you!

If you come here at the right season and time, if you look toward the waterfall from the opposite cliff, what you can see is the amazing rainbow that shines upon the waterfall itself. It is truly mesmerizing and worth the journey.

Bhumibol Dam

???????????? (Bhumubol Dam), Tak, Thailand
???????????? (Bhumibol Dam)

Next place is Bhumibol Dam which is the biggest arch dam in both Thailand and South East Asia. There are many activities for you to enjoy such as rafting, eating, and indulge in the scenery of the place. It is also great for biking as there are trails that you can go to see some more sceneries. The highlight is rafting in which another boat will take you through an amazing journey along with beautiful nature and you can also visit some other places.

Google Map for Bhumibol Dam

Pathompetch Farm

?????????? (Pathompetch Farm)
?????????? (Pathompetch Farm – the largest grower of Roses in Thailand)


If you are already enough going to the dam, let us change some atmosphere for you with Pob Phra district. This district is the largest grower of Roses in Thailand, in terms of area. Pathompetch Farm is one of those growers in this district. You can take a stroll in a beautiful garden filled with roses, it is almost like you are in some kind of dream you once had.

Pathompetch Farm (??????????)
Pathompetch Farm (??????????)

You can also buy some souvenirs back with you from this place such as a rose in the jar. It is basically an art in a bottle with a rose in which it can last for many years to come.


?Local Tells?

Now that you have some knowledges on the famous attractions here, let us turn your direction toward the places that are not necessary famous, but they are 100% worth it to go there.

Pitugro Waterfall or the Heart Waterfall.

Pitugro Waterfall (?????????????)
Pitugro Waterfall (?????????????)

The first place is Pitugro Waterfall or the Heart Waterfall. The word ?Heart? in this case comes from the phrase that is known for this waterfall which is the ?Heart of Umphang Forest?. This place consists of the highest waterfall in all of Thailand with a height of more than 500 meters. The uniqueness of this place is how the water falls from the top. There are two paths for the water to fall; the left and the right. This result in a heart shaped created by the waterfall. Thus, the name for this particular waterfall which is truly something you need to see in person, not just from the picture as it cannot fully tell how beautiful and stunning it is.

Mae Usu Cave

?????????? (Mae Usu Cave)
?????????? (Mae Usu Cave)

Mae Usu Cave is a giant cave that has a river run through the cave. The path that you must go through to reach this cave is filled with water that is about thigh level. There are three rooms inside with different stalagmite arts from weathering. However, the highlight is in the second room. If you come here in the afternoon and the cave has the right condition, you will see a white ray shines through the cave. In the evening, you will also see more than 100,000 of bats fly out of the cave. You can only come here between December to April of every year, be sure to keep this in mind!

Mae Usu Cave (??????????)
Mae Usu Cave (??????????)

Bangkok Bicentennial Bridge

?????????????????????????????? (Bangkok Bicentennial Bridge)
?????????????????????????????? (Bangkok Bicentennial Bridge)

The last recommended place is Bangkok Bicentennial Bridge. This is a suspension bridge to celebrate the 200 years of Bangkok. It is a great place for sightseeing as you can look toward the beautiful Ping River and it is even better at night with amazing lightings. If you happen to come here on Loy Krathong period, you will get to experience the traditional festival of Tak in which they take more than thousands of Krathong, they will connect it together as a raft and let it float on the Ping River. You can use the bridge as the spot to take pictures as well.


Living in Tak, Thailand

The motto for Tak is ?A Town of Wonderful?Nature, Huge Bhumibol?Dam, King Taksin the Great and Beautiful?Forests?.

To get around town,

You can use the bicycle to travel in which the province is promoting tourists to travel by bicycle for the immersive experiences. There are a lot of districts that plan a route into the wilderness for you to take a ride there. Alternatively, you can use tuktuks and motorcycle taxis if you are too lazy to walk or pedal.

For accommodation,

you can either stay in a hotel which is most suitable for backpackers and normal travelers alike or in a resort that takes you closer to relax with the nature itself. The price is varied from low to medium, depending on where you choose to stay. Have fun while you are here!

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