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  • Pha Mor E Daeng (?????????)
  • Wat Pa Maha Chedi (???????????????)
  • Wat Sri Bueng Boon (??????????????)
  • Durian Pho Khao Fai (??????????????)
  • Wat Sra Hin Kamphaeng Yai Stone Castle (????????????????????????)
  • Wat Sra Hin Kamphaeng Yai Stone Castle (????????????????????????)
  • Wat Phra That Ruang Rong (??????????????????)
  • Wat Phra That Suphannahong (????????????????????)

Sisaket – The Land of Natural Abundance in the Northeastern Region of Thailand

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At the northeastern region of Thailand, this region is all about interesting places that people have yet to discover its full potential. Sisaket is one of the representatives that I found very intriguing and it represents the province really well. You just have to come here to know why.

General information about Sisaket Thailand

This province contains a long history with many natural attractions for you to dive yourself into. Sisaket is actually pronounced as ?Sisagate? for more than a thousand years with many tribes such as Suay, Laos, Khmer, and Yer. The city was actually moved here to the place it is now during the reign of King Rama V which is about 100 years ago.

As it was actually established during the Ayutthaya era, you can find many archaeological sites, including artifacts here. Other than that, you can try visiting various different places and eat many fruits that are growing at this province. To get here, you can choose to drive 571 kilometers from Bangkok to this place or take a bus which costs very little, but it would take you about eight hours to be here. You can take a slower path by taking a train as well. Have fun traveling!


Famous attractions in Sisaket

Sisaket is not only known for its natural abundance, it also has a lot of cultural perspectives to offer that you will definitely interested! If you like temples in Thailand, you will love them more in this province. As there are famous places around this province, I filtered the list down to just a few places for your convenience.


Wat Sra Hin Kamphaeng Yai Stone Castle

Wat Sra Hin Kamphaeng Yai Stone Castle (????????????????????????)
Wat Sra Hin Kamphaeng Yai Stone Castle (????????????????????????)

At Sisaket, there are stone castles with the art style of ancient Khmer, but the biggest stone castle and the most completed one in Sisaket is Wat Sra Hin Kamphaeng Yai Stone Castle. It is here in this province since the 13th century with approximately over 1,000 years old. There is a speculation that this place was once used by Shiva. The characteristics of this castle is the three attitudes built with stone, sand, and brick. They also found substantial number of ancient artifacts such as angel statues and ancient Buddha statues. This includes thirteen Bai Tub Lang or crafted picture on a stone which are in good condition. These pictures tell stories concerning Shiva, Indra, and more. Nowadays, this place is a temple with many Buddha statues and some of them are more than 100 years old!


Wat Phra That Ruang Rong

Wat Phra That Ruang Rong (??????????????????)
Wat Phra That Ruang Rong (??????????????????)

Another famous temple is Wat Phra That Ruang Rong. The most highlighted thing about this temple is the architecture that was built in the year 1968 which combines the art of Esan region from four tribes: Suai, Laos, Khmer, and Yer. The decoration is magnificent as well. It has a height of 49 meters with six levels which contain relics at the top level. They also showcase a cultural museum of the previously mentioned four tribes and more ancient artifacts, including tools used by people of the past.


Wat Phra That Suphannahong

Wat Phra That Suphannahong (????????????????????)
Wat Phra That Suphannahong (????????????????????)

The last famous temple in this province is Wat Phra That Suphannahong and it is a temple that you must not miss! It is a famous attraction due to the uniqueness of the beautiful temple located here. It was built on the artificial Suphannahong Boat which is floating in the middle of the water. The importance of Suphannahong Boat is that it is the boat of the Royals such as King and Queen of Thailand. The structure is about five meters wide and 13.6 meters long with a roof stacked together. This place holds a Buddha relic in the middle of the structure as well.


Local Tells

While there are few natural attractions here and there in the northeastern region of Thailand, Sisaket is a recommended place for any tourist who wants to feel the abundance of nature in this region. I have received many recommended places from the locals that I personally want you all to check them out!


Pha Mor E Daeng

Pha Mor E Daeng (?????????)
Pha Mor E Daeng (?????????)

The first place that I am going to show you is Pha Mor E Daeng. This is a cliff, but also a unique sightseeing spot. This spot provides a vast space for you to stand on with a huge cliff that separates Thailand and Cambodia. You can see the scenery of Khao Phanom Duang Rak and the land of Khmer covered by green forests to the horizon. If you come here during the winter or the rainy season, you can observe the sea of mist in the morning.

Another special thing is the crafted picture of three people who wear Cambodian clothes with more than 1,500 years old. It was crafted on the cliff and you can walk down to see it.


Wat Pa Maha Chedi

Wat Pa Maha Chedi (???????????????)
Wat Pa Maha Chedi (???????????????)

This is another temple that you must see here. It also has another name known as the million bottles temple. The origin for this name came from the decoration of the structure around the temple such as wall, roof, door gate, Sala, bell tower, monk sleeping quarter, and even toilet. It was filled with over 1.5 million colorful glass bottles which create a unique sense of beauty to the place. It will look even more beautiful when the sun shines on them. The people also use the bottle lids to create images which tell the history of Buddhism.


Wat Sri Bueng Boon

Wat Sri Bueng Boon (??????????????)
Wat Sri Bueng Boon (??????????????)

I hope you are looking for more recommended temples as this is a great one to visit. Wat Sri Bueng Boon is a place that hold the second Phra Phutta Chinnarat of Thailand where the first one located at Phitsanulok. Phra Phutta Chinnarat is one of the many Buddha statues that Thai people has a lot of faith in. Apart from that, there is a grand temple structure with the art style from Ayutthaya era with a mix of Rattanakosin era.



Durian Pho Khao Fai

Durian Pho Khao Fai (??????????????)
Durian Pho Khao Fai (??????????????)


If you are looking for something to eat or a souvenir, Durian Pho Khao Fai is the best thing here! It has its own unique taste with some crunches on the outside and soft on the inside. The smell is not so bad with a little smell of fresh fragrance.

The special thing about this durian is its plantation in the area near the ancient volcano. This place produces the durian with high nutritional value which makes the durian different from other places in Thailand. You can find this kind of durian around June to July of every year.


Other interesting information about Sisaket

The motto for this province is ?The Land of Cambodian Castle, Good Onion and Garlic, Suan Somdej, Lamduan Forest, Various Cultures, and Great Unity?.

To get around town

You can choose to get on a meter taxi or the motorcycle taxi. However, you should bargain for a little while before committing to anything.


There are quite a few hotels for your accommodation, but most of them are budget hotels. You can also find some mid-range hotels, but not as much here.


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