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Phichit – Thailand?s Destination of Rich Culture and Tradition

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Phichit, a province in the lower northern region of Thailand, is the province that can give its tourist something that they truly need. It is pronounced as Pijit, is situated near two rivers which are Yom and Nan River. This means that the land is agriculturally fertile for most kind of farming or other agricultural activities. Phichit also played a role in the history of both Ayutthaya and Sukhothai for its agriculture. Another interesting fact for this province is that it is famous for a myth known as the story of Chalawan. This story is about Chalawan who is a crocodile lord and Krai Thong who defeats Chalawan in the end. King Rama II composed the story and it is quite epic, so to speak.



How to travel to Phichit

To get here, there are couple ways you can choose. The first way is to drive here yourself. Phichit is about 345 kilometers from Bangkok which is not that far at all. Another way is to use the bus from Bangkok to get into the province. The last option is to take a train here which could take around four to five hours. Phichit train station is also one of the attractions here in this province. The building itself is designed as a neo-classical building with creamy sweet color. You will not see anything like this anywhere else in Thailand. So, once you see this building, you will know that you already arrive in Phichit.

Things to do in Phichit

There are various attractions around Phichit that you should take a visit to, but as some tourists may have limited time in their trip, so here is the recommendation of places you cannot miss.

Bueng Si Fai

??????? (Bueng Si Fai), Phichit Thailand
??????? (Bueng Si Fai)

Let us start with the famous place here at Phichit which is Bueng Si Fai. This place is the third largest source of water in the country of Thailand and it is also the symbol of the province which is a big crocodile statue with more than 88 meters in length. You will be able to experience the quiet atmosphere with nature and relax your mind. You could also go to the Sala to feed the fishes and watch the beautiful sunset.

Wat Tha Luang – Tha Luang Temple

?????????? (Wat Tha Luang)

Wat Tha Luang (??????????)
Wat Tha Luang (??????????)

As most tourists visiting Thailand to find something exotic and precious, temples are one of the top choices for these tourists and that may include you as well. Wat Tha Luang is a temple that has been here with the province since the beginning. It was built in the year 1845 which is pretty old. Inside of the temple, there is a Buddha statue that represents a monk named Luang Pho Phet which considered to be the first generation of Chiang San?s Buddha statue. It is very ancient and its golden color makes it among the most beautiful Buddha statue here in Thailand.

?????????? (Wat Tha Luang), Phichit Thailand


The long boat racing festival

??????????? (Long Boat Racing) at Phichit (??????), Thailand
??????????? (Long Boat Racing) at Phichit (??????)

Next, the big festival at Phichit is the long boat racing festival which is one of the biggest traditions of its kind in Thailand. It is a very long-lasting tradition since 1907 in which more than 10,000 people come here every year for fun and thrills of the boat racing. Many different teams from different provinces in Thailand compete against each other here every year for the title of being the champion.

In one boat, there are 55 people that paddle in harmony with each other. It is very exciting and the commentators are awesome as well. You could also see many decorated boats showcase at this festival.


?Local Tells?

Apart from the famous attractions available here in this province, there are other recommendations by the local which are equally worth to check them out. As mentioned earlier, this province is very famous for the story of Chalawan which is why there are temples with crocodile decoration on the exterior and many beautiful and unique wall arts. You will not be able to see this outside of Thailand or anywhere else in Thailand as well.

Wat Sri Sattharam

??????????????? (Wat Sri Sattharam)
??????????????? (Wat Sri Sattharam)

This temple is called Wat Sri Sattharam and you can see the giant crocodile statue inside of the temple in which you can even walk through the crocodile as well.

Wat Pho Prathub Chang

?????????????????? (Wat Pho Prathub Chang)
?????????????????? (Wat Pho Prathub Chang)

Wat Pho Prathub Chang is another ancient temple that was built in the year 1699. This means that it has been here since the Ayutthaya period and it is also a favorite temple for the King back then. You will see many arts from the Ayutthaya period, including the Buddha statue made out of concrete with more than 300 years of age, but it has been newly renovated. The Buddha image is also well-respected by people of Phichit.

Wong Krod Market

Wong Krod Market (?????????)
Wong Krod Market (?????????)

This place is built with ancient wood architectural style and has a vintage vibe to it. Everything is preserved the way it was in the old times where you can really see the community, culture, and the simplicity of people here. It is also a great place to eat some local food and experience the way of life of the people.


Som Tha Koi
Som Tha Koi

For souvenirs, Som Tha Koi, a pomelo with a sweet pink color inside, is a great thing to buy. It smells sweet and also tastes really sweet to the mouth.

Makam Kaew Si Rod - Tamarind

Another thing is Makam Kaew Si Rod which is a sour tamarind mixed with a bunch of spices. The mixture tastes great together, but the texture is a bit chewy in your mouth.


Living in Phichit, Thailand

The motto for Phichit is ?The Province of Chalawan the Crocodile King, The Fun and Exciting Annual Boat Race, The Land of Exquisite Rice and The Delicious Tha Khoi Pomelo; the center of the province is the Luang Phor Phet?. To get around town, you can use the bus, tuk-tuks, or motorcycle taxis, but you need to make sure that you agree on the price first. For accommodation, there is nothing really fancy for the hotels here and most of them are pretty standard. It would cost you around 300 to a thousand baht per night. Enjoy your stay at Phichit!

Local Partner

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