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Pattani – Thailand?s Destination with Vibrant Culture and Beautiful Nature

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While there are so many provinces or destinations in Thailand, only some of them are truly magnificent in their culture and natural resources. However, some of these provinces might be dealing with difficult situations for tourists to really have a chance to appreciate the beauty within. If people could easily access these territories, the things that they would find inside there are astounding and definitely worth it. Pattani is one of these provinces described above and the characteristics within the province are hidden and not truly appreciated by outsiders, but the locals.


Pattani or Patani in Malay language, is located in the southern region of Thailand on the east coast. The province also contains one of the most diverse population with a mix of Malay, Thai, Chinese ethnic groups, Muslim, and Buddhist. However, the majority are the Malay-Muslim and Thai-Buddhists. These groups add up to more than 40,000 people in population.


As mentioned earlier, this province is one of the provinces that are currently dealing with difficult situations, which can be unsafe to travel to. What is amazing about this is that people can live their lives under this kind of situation and continue to have a vibrant culture, including a beautiful nature in this province.


To get in to this province

There are four options you can choose from. The first option is by driving a car here yourself which is around 1,055 kilometers from Bangkok and it could potentially take you around 14 hours to get here. The second option is to fly here which may be a little bit tricky as there is no direct flight here. What you can do is to take a plane to Hat Yai or Narathiwat and then take a bus, a van, or other transportation. Next option is to use a train to either Yala station or Pattani station. Lastly, you can take a bus from Bangkok at the Southern Bus Terminal which is very convenient. Be cautious to the situation that might arise at all time and you will be absolutely fine.


Famous?attraction in Pattani

Once you arrive, you can start to experience many famous attractions that only a few people have explored them.

Central Mosque (??????????)
Central Mosque (??????????)

The first attraction is the Pattani Central Mosque which is considered to be one of the most beautiful mosques in Thailand. It has the same vibe and characteristics as the Taj Mahal in India. It also took more than nine years to build this place. There is a big praying ritual for Muslims every Friday in which Muslims from Thailand and other countries are joining. You can also see beautiful lights if you decide to come here at night.


In Pattani, there are many beaches with white sand which are suitable for relaxing both on land and in the water. When you visit the beaches here, you will see various Kolae Boats which are belong to the fishermen here.

Kolae Boat (?????????)
Kolae Boat (?????????)

This kind of boat is unique only to Pattani and Narathiwat. The boat has a sharp head and tail. The colors are vibrant, and the details are unique to each of the boat. Baan Paseyawo is a famous village that has a reputation for building Kolae Boats. Once each of the boat is finished, the artist will paint the boat with beautiful detailing. You can also observe how they do it right here. There is also a miniature that truly resembles the beauty of the real one and you buy it as a souvenir as well.


Chao Mae Kim Ko Niao Chinese Shrine

Chao Mae Kim Ko Niao Chinese Shrine (???????????????????????)
Chao Mae Kim Ko Niao Chinese Shrine (???????????????????????)

If you are not a person for mosques, how about a visit to something a little bit more Chinese? Chao Mae Lim Ko Niao Chinese Shrine is very well respected by the locals here. Not just Pattani people who come here and pay respect to this shrine, Thai people from other provinces and foreigners usually come here as well. It is a place that you cannot miss if you are here at Pattani, it is one of those places that you should come at least once in a lifetime. There is also a big annual event in March in which people from everywhere will come and participate.


Krue Se Mosque

Krue Se Mosque (????????????)
Krue Se Mosque (????????????)

Another mosque that you can take a look at is Krue Se Mosque which is more than 200 years old. The architectural style is fully influenced by the middle east. It contains that holiness vibe and you can see how amazing it is just by standing there and watch its exterior. One story that is told by many people here about the roof of this mosque is still a mystery to many people. If you want to know more about this story, you can come here and let the local tell the tale.


Local Tells

Above are some of the most famous attractions here in Pattani, but there are also more recommended places by the locals which are worth checking out.

Losin Island

Losin Island (?????????)
Losin Island (?????????) with colourful corals

This place is basically a diving spot in the most southern area of Thai Gulf. It is also the smallest island in Thailand! When you look towards the island, you can easily see a lighthouse situated on the island. As the island also contain a diving spot, the coral reeves and fishes here are very abundant. Another highlight or benefit of diving here is that you might get a chance to meet whale sharks.

Whale at Losin Island
Whale Shark at Losin Island

If you are really committed to come to this island, you will have a lot of experience on a boat as it takes as much as 12 hours from Pattani beach to get to this island, but the wait will pay off.

Laem Ta Chi

Laem Ta Chi (????????)
Laem Ta Chi (????????)

A piece of land that goes into the Thai Gulf. This place has a white beach which you can stay and watch the beautiful sunset and sunrise. You can relax and watch the magnificent views of the sea, sand, and sun. It is also recommended for you to take a lot of pictures here! However, there is no road access to this place and it is recommended that you take a boat ride here instead which can take around 45 minutes.


Yaring Mangrove Forest

Yaring Mangrove Forest (????????????????)
Yaring Mangrove Forest (????????????????)

The one of the most abundant mangrove forests in Thailand with many tall trees of more than 10 meters in height, including many species of plants. The highlight is to take a boat trip through a cave with more than 800 meters in distance which you can experience nature very easily. You can also really feel the way of living of the people here and you can also rest at the homestays available at this place.


Namtok Sai Khao National Park

Namtok Sai Khao National Park (??????????????????????????)
Namtok Sai Khao National Park (??????????????????????????)

The last attraction in this list is Namtok Sai Khao National Park. You can take an ancient Jeep car up the hills to watch the views available here. You can also watch the stars at night and the sea of mists in the morning. The name of the place also implies for a waterfall called Sai Khao that you can enjoy swimming in the water. Additionally, a Buddha statue with a height of more than 29 meters is up there on the mountain here and it is what the locals are constantly paying respect to.


Other interesting information

The motto for this province is ?Clean Budu, Beautiful Beaches, Variety of Waterfalls, Great Doves, Delicious Look Yee, and Fresh Cockle?.

To get around this province

The most preferable way to use ride a motorcycle or take a motorcycle taxi. You can also take tuktuks which is also very common in this province.

For accommodation

There are quite a few budget and mid-range hotels around in which the price ranges from 500 baht to 1,500 baht or more per night. Stay safe and enjoy your travel!


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