• Wat Poramai Yikawat (วัดปรมัยยิกาวาส)
  • Kwan Aman (กวานอาม่าน)
  • Kwan Aman (กวานอาม่าน)

Nonthaburi – The Province of Exotic Destination in Thailand

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Would it be great to travel to somewhere exotic with a distance that really close to the capital? I would say that it is entirely possible in Thailand! You can even make a one-day trip to the province! As it is not a province that famous for tourism that much, you will probably be facing less tourists here. So, you can focus on observing its exotic features!


General information about Nonthaburi, Thailand

Nonthaburi is a province that is really close to Bangkok which covers more than 622 square kilometers of area. In fact, it is one of the five neighboring provinces of Bangkok and Thailand’s second largest city. This province has a long history that dated back more than 400 years during the era of Ayutthaya.

You will be able to see traces of history throughout the province with some exotic features that most provinces in Thailand does not have. As it used to be a part of Bangkok, some government bodies are also situated here or close to the province.

To get to Nonthaburi

There are number of ways you can get here. The first way is to drive yourself here or take a taxi. It could be quite cheap which depends on where you get on the ride. The second way is to take a bus and there are a lot of buses that pass through the province, so be sure to check the route at BMTA website.

If you want to get a little bit romantic, you may take a ferry here as well. There are daily express boats along the Chao Phraya River that you can get on. Again, be sure to check the schedule beforehand to plan your trip.


Famous Tourist attractions in Nonthaburi, Thailand

Many provinces in Thailand have a bunch of famous places in them, but you need to go around the province to reach them all. However, in Nonthaburi, you can go to just one place and you are covered. This one place contains all the attractions or places that are really famous in the province and you cannot miss them!


Ko Kret or Koh Kred

Wat Poramai Yikawat (วัดปรมัยยิกาวาส)
Wat Poramai Yikawat (วัดปรมัยยิกาวาส)

The first and only famous place is Ko Kret or Koh Kred which is basically an island with many attractions for you to visit! It is also considered to be the most famous attraction in all of Nonthaburi. The island is situated in the middle of Chao Phraya River and it has a great community of Mon people living here. The people here still have the same way of living and tradition that are well-preserved to this day.

When you are arrived at the island, you will first see the symbol of Koh Kred which is the slightly inclined Chedi that is pretty unique. The Chedi is from a temple named Wat Poramai Yikawat which is an ancient temple since Ayutthaya era.

About 100 years ago, King Rama V has ordered a renovation to keep this temple standing. There are also other interesting things inside of the temple, especially a Buddha statue that looks really lively like a person. If you want to see more temples, you can look for other several temples inside the island!


Kwan Aman

Kwan Aman (กวานอาม่าน)
Kwan Aman (กวานอาม่าน)

The next place on the island that you should go to is Kwan Aman which is a village that produces potteries. Potteries here is considered as the oldest craftsmanship of this province. The pottery is filled with great details from the ancient Mon that presents a unique touch to the craft which made it pretty famous among many people in Nonthaburi.

Kwan Aman (กวานอาม่าน)
Kwan Aman (กวานอาม่าน)

In fact, you could buy it as a souvenir too. Other than that, there is a museum in the village that acts as a center of tradition of Mon people with various displays of potteries and demonstrations.


Klong Kanom Whan

Another place on the island that you should not miss is Klong Kanom Whan which is where the locals live on both sides of the canal.

Klong Kanom Whan – Kanom Ja Mongkut ( คลองขนมหวาน – ขนมจ่ามงกุฎ )

They usually make a lot of sweets or Thai desserts for you to buy such as thong yip, thong yot, and foi thong. There is also other ancient dessert like kanom ja mongkut which looks like a beautiful crown and really hard to find in Thailand. You can watch demonstrations on how they are making those desserts as well!


Local Tells

Apart from the famous Ko Kret, there are other unique places that many tourists do not know about which are recommended by the locals. These places are cultural and traditional places of this province which truly resemble Thailand at its best. Most of them are temples and if you already love temples, then you should definitely keep reading to see how awesome they are!

Wat Chalerm Phra Kiat

Wat Chalerm Phra Kiat (วัดเฉลิมพระเกียรติ)

The first recommended place is known as Wat Chalerm Phra Kiat which is a temple that grown with the province itself. It is actually more than 100 years old and situated beside the Chao Phraya River. Other than that, this temple has been selected as the role model of temples in Thailand with the renowned architectural style of Thai and Chinese culture.

Wat Chalerm Phra Kiat (วัดเฉลิมพระเกียรติ)

With its amazing beauty, this temple has been used as a filming set for many local Thai films. Inside of the temple, you can see a Buddha statue with an attitude of subduing Mara that was entirely made out of copper which produces a beautiful red color.

You must also visit the back of the temple as well! There is a white Chedi with more than 45 meters tall that stores Buddhist relics inside of it. This place is also considered to be one of the most beautiful temples in Nonthaburi province!


Wat Leng Noei Yi 2 or Wat Borom Raja Kanchanapisek Anusorn

Wat Leng Noei Yi 2 (วัดเล่งเน่ยยี่ 2)

The next place is also a temple called Wat Leng Noei Yi 2 or Wat Borom Raja Kanchanapisek Anusorn. It is a Mahayana Buddhist temple with Chinese monks of the Chinese Buddhist Sangha in Thailand. You can see many elegant Chinese architectures during Sing and Ming dynasties inside of the temple.

Wat Leng Noei Yi 2 (วัดเล่งเน่ยยี่ 2)

It is a temple that you should not miss at all costs if you have a chance to visit Nonthaburi. You can come here and pay respect to the Buddha or take some pictures while you are strolling at the temple.

Wat Chalor

Wat Chalor (วัดชลอ)

The last recommended place by the locals is another temple called Wat Chalor. An interesting thing of this temple is a structure that was built on the massive Suphannahong boat that is both charming and magnificent to the eyes. In front of the temple is where most people would come to pay respect and take a lot of pictures. Inside of the temple, you can observe the most beautiful wall arts that tell a beautiful story of Buddhism quite literally.


Other interesting information about Nonthaburi, Thailand

The motto for this province is “Grand Royal Mansion, Renowned Suan Somdet, Ko Kret’s Pottery, Famous Ancient Temples, Tasty Durians, and The Beautiful Government Office”.

To get around this city

You can get around the province by foot if you would like to. Otherwise, there is a local minibus you can get on as well.


Hotels are ranging from mid-range to luxury hotels, but they are very limited as the place is quite close to Bangkok. It could cost you around 800 to 1,200 baht per night for mid-range hotels and 2,800 to 5,200 baht per night for luxury hotels. I wish you good luck for your trip!


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