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  • Gold Leaf Bauhinia (??????????)
  • Marble Cat at Hala-Bala Jungle (???????????????????????-????)
  • Sightseeing Spot called Phu Sala (??????????????)
  • Manao Beach (????????)
  • Mosque 300 years (?????? 300 ??)
  • Kolae Boat (?????????)
  • Narathat Beach (????????????)
  • Pajo Waterfall (?????????)
  • Souvenirs at Kolae Boat Assembly Center and Baan Ton Replication (??????????????????????????????????????????)
  • Wat Khao Kong (????????)

Narathiwat – Thailand?s Perfect Combination of Cultural and Natural Destination

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In the south of Thailand, there are multiple destinations with a tremendous amount of key features that only exist in that region. Most people go to the south to enjoy the luxury of the sea and many more features, especially the natural resources available. You cannot ignore how beautiful that region is no matter what angles you are looking for. As there are many provinces in the south of Thailand, only a specific province contains one of the unique features available for tourists that are waiting eagerly to explore.


Narathiwat is one of the four southern provinces that is directly border the country of Malaysia. It is both the economic and a tourism center which is located at Sungai Kolok. Most Malaysians also like to come here for holidays and shopping as well. You can see the exchange of culture between Thailand and Malaysia right here.


Narathiwat covers a total area of about 4,475 square kilometers with many rainforest jungles and mountains. There are four rivers that run through the province which are Sai Buri, Bang Nara, Tak Bai, and Sungai Kolok. You are expected to face with either summer or rainy season, so prepare to see a lot of rains and sunshine here!


To get here

there are plenty of options you can choose from. The first option is to take a plane here. However, there are no public buses to pick you up at the airport, so you might need to use the grey minibusses to get into the city or other parts of the province. You can also use the train which could take a very long time to get here and there are frequent cancellations of trains as well. It is best to find another alternative than using a train. Another option is to take a bus for 14 hours which is about 1,161 kilometers away from Bangkok and it costs pretty much nothing. Once you arrive, be ready to face with endless exploration and fun!


General Information

There are various unique features on this province of Narathiwat and talking about all of them might be pretty difficult to do so. Fortunately, there are a few key attractions that are worth mentioning about here.

Narathat Beach

Narathat Beach (????????????)
Narathat Beach (????????????)

The first recommended place for you. This beach consists of pure white sand of more than 5 kilometers in distance. You can easily go into the crystal clear water and have some fun! There are also bungalows for you to rest your body and indulge yourself in the beachside atmosphere. The highlight of this place is the fisherman?s village nearby where you can see Kolae Boats which are rarely unique and have many outstanding characteristics.

Kolae Boat (?????????)
Kolae Boat (?????????)

You can really see the culture of the fishermen and the beautiful Kolae Boats. Next is the Kolae Boat Assembly Center and Baan Ton Replication. This is the center for building Kolae Boats in both real and fabricated ones.

Souvenirs at Kolae Boat Assembly Center and Baan Ton Replication (??????????????????????????????????????????)
Souvenirs at Kolae Boat Assembly Center and Baan Ton Replication (??????????????????????????????????????????)




You can also buy some souvenirs here as well. The first unique thing that this province has is Gold Leaf Bauhinia.

Gold Leaf Bauhinia (??????????)
Gold Leaf Bauhinia (??????????)

In fact, this plant is first discovered in Thailand and can only be seen in Thailand as well! It is even more beautiful when the sun shines on it and you can actually see its beauty from afar. With the local knowledge of the people here, they put the leaf into a frame and make it become a famous souvenir for people visiting Narathiwat.


If you want to see another beautiful place that also has the Gold Leaf Bauhinia that is growing naturally and you can see it from a far, try and take a visit to Pajo Waterfall.

Pajo Waterfall (?????????)
Pajo Waterfall (?????????)

The waterfall itself has a height of around 60 meters with nine levels. In fact, it is the highest waterfall in the province. It is also considered to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the southern region that you cannot miss by any chance!


Local Tells

There are more recommended places you can go and see which are not entirely famous tourist attractions here in this province.

Manao Beach

Manao Beach (????????)
Manao Beach (????????)

A beach that you can go to in this province is Manao Beach in which the sand is kind of brown more than white. It is both peaceful and beautiful to watch. It is also one of the most beautiful beaches in all of the beaches of Pattani. You can rest your soul and do some sunbathing here. However, you can also see goats wandering along the beach which is a weird sight to see.


Halabala Jungle

Sightseeing Spot called Phu Sala (??????????????)
Sightseeing Spot called Phu Sala (??????????????)

One of the recommended place that you must see and it is located on the border of Thailand and Malaysia. The jungle is very thick and filled with abundant nature and various species of birds, more than 300 species to be precise. If you are lucky, you might be able to catch a glimpse of four endangered species which are serow, tapir, marbled cat, and Sumatran rhinoceros.

Marble Cat at Hala-Bala Jungle (???????????????????????-????)
Marble Cat at Hala-Bala Jungle (???????????????????????-????)

There is also a gold mine called Tomo Mine located here where you can mine some gold on the river, including a sightseeing spot called Phu Sala. It is a spot where you can see the sea of mists between the two lands of Thailand and Malaysia. The best period to come here is between February and April. If you want to study the nature, you cannot miss this place.


Wat Khao Kong

Wat Khao Kong (????????)
Wat Khao Kong (????????)

Phra Buddha Taksin Ming Mongkol at Kao Gong Temple is a golden statue with 24 meters of height. It is decorated with golden mosaic and it is considered as a very magnificent outdoor statue and the biggest one in the southern province. The local here respect this statue as the holyness that stays with the province.


300 Years Mosque

Mosque 300 years (?????? 300 ??)
Mosque 300 years (?????? 300 ??)

One of the most important archaeological sites and religious sites in Narathiwat. The architectural style is mixed with Thai, Chinese, and Malayu arts. Despite the fact that the name implies that this mosque has been built for 300 years, it is actually closer to more than 400 years. If you are visiting Thailand, you are likely to want to visit a temple here.


The motto for Narathiwat is ?The Seat of Taksin, Lovers of Religion, Beautiful Narathat, Loving Pajo, A Massive Gold Mine, and Sweet Longkong?.

To get around the province

You can use the motorcycle taxis and a bicycle. Additionally, you can also take a songthaew or a minibus from a specific point such as beaches.


For accommodation

There are various types of accommodation you can choose from which highly likely to suit any tourists. A budget hotel may costs around 500 baht per night and a mid-range hotel could cost you around 600 baht or more per night. Happy traveling!


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