• Wat Phra Pathom Chedi Ratcha Wora Wiharn (วัดพระปฐมเจดีย์ราชวรมหาวิหาร)
  • Sanam Chandra Palace (พระราชวังสนามจันทร์)
  • Rare Orchid's Name Pink Nagarindra (กล้วยไม้พันธุ์หายากชื่อ ชมพูนครินทร์)
  • Wat Sam Pran (วัดสามพราน)
  • Wat Sam Pran (วัดสามพราน)
  • Woodland (วู้ดแลนด์เมืองไม้)
  • Woodland (วู้ดแลนด์เมืองไม้)
  • Rosy trumpet tree (ชมพูพันธุ์ทิพย์)
  • Pomelo ส้มโอ

Nakhon Pathom – The City of Magnificent Culture and Attractions in Thailand

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If there is a place where you can really see its true culture and amazing attractions, the place that has to be mentioned is Nakhon Pathom. This place is not just filled with magnificent culture, but a lot of history as well. As it is also close to Bangkok, you can easily travel here and take a closer look of what Thailand has to offer!


General information about Nakhon Pathom, Thailand

Nakhon Pathom is a province that is really close to Bangkok with just 56 kilometers in distance. You may recognize this place from having the world’s tallest stupa! If not, you are about to find many structures that resemble the culture that this province has. As Buddhism is undeniable a part of Thailand’s culture, Nakhon Pathom has been influenced a lot by it.

You can see many structures such as temples, stupas, and much more here. In fact, according to Archaeologists, it might be the very first province that has been influenced by Buddhism from Indian civilization! You will most certainly find traces of history, culture, and tradition here for sure, so be sure to look around while you are here!


To get in here

There are several ways you can do that. The first way is by taking a bus from Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal which might costs you around 40 baht and leaves every 10 minutes or so.

However, you might face a delay due to traffic jams at times. The second option is to take a daily train from Bangkok to Nakhon Pathom. If you prefer to drive there yourself, feel free to do so as it might be the most convenient way to travel. I hope you are ready for an adventure in the world of culture!


Famous Tourist attractions in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand

While there are lots of famous places around Thailand for you to visit, you must have Nakhon Pathom in your list! The reason is that Nakhon Pathom has something that others might not have, and tourists are crazy about this place for its temples and attractions. If you missed this place, I would feel really sorry for you that you missed out a lot in Thailand!


Wat Phra Pathom Chedi Ratcha Wora Wiharn

Wat Phra Pathom Chedi Ratcha Wora Wiharn (วัดพระปฐมเจดีย์ราชวรมหาวิหาร)
Wat Phra Pathom Chedi Ratcha Wora Wiharn (วัดพระปฐมเจดีย์ราชวรมหาวิหาร)

The first really famous place in Nakhon Pathom is Wat Phra Pathom Chedi Ratcha Wora Wiharn which has the significant Pathom Chedi of Thailand! It is actually the first Chedi that was built in Thailand. However, the Chedi that you can see today is built on top of the old one with a height of 120 meters that looks like an upside-down bell.

Inside of the Chedi, there is a relic of the Buddha as well. The Chedi is really magnificent and you can actually see it from a far. I would be lying if I tell you it is not worth it to come here! Other than that, you can find more things to observe inside of the temple. In the evening of every day, you can find a big night market with more than 50 years in history that you can buy some food and souvenirs.


Sanam Chandra Palace

Sanam Chandra Palace (พระราชวังสนามจันทร์)
Sanam Chandra Palace (พระราชวังสนามจันทร์)

This is our next famous place. This palace was built in the year 1907 which is known as archaeological site that has wide spaces, pleasant, and contains many beautiful structures. You will be able to observe eight Thai houses from the central region of Thailand and many more beautiful palaces for you to see.

The highlight of this place is Charlie Mongkol Asana in which the architecture resembles a castle with a combination of Renaissance arts and half-timbered house of England. This structure is altered to suit the weather in Thailand and the exterior is decorated with egg-shell color to make the structure stands out more to the visitors.


Air Orchids

Rare Orchid's Name Pink Nagarindra (กล้วยไม้พันธุ์หายากชื่อ ชมพูนครินทร์)
Rare Orchid’s Name Pink Nagarindra (กล้วยไม้พันธุ์หายากชื่อ ชมพูนครินทร์)

Another cool place you should visit is Air Orchids which is a lab and a supermarket specially for orchids. It is also the first place of its kind here in Thailand! This place is basically a one-stop service for orchids.

From growing to wholesale in both domestically and internationally, they have it covered. You can also directly buy from them here in quite a reasonable price. Inside of the place, you will find yourself in a comfortable and vast spaces where you can take a stroll to see the beautiful orchids and find out more about them at the same time.

Local Tells

There are too many places to look around in this province that you could not even imagine! Some of them involves fascinating craftsmanship and some culture characteristics which you may expect to find in Thailand. However, these places are recommended by the locals and it is not yet touched by many tourists.


Wat Sam Pran

Wat Sam Pran (วัดสามพราน)
Wat Sam Pran (วัดสามพราน)

The first recommended place by the locals is Wat Sam Pran which is very unique with its structure that has a dragon spinning around it and the height is beyond the clouds as it is more than 60 meters tall! It is truly magnificent, huge, and really highlighted. This building is actually a place with 16 stories where the monks sleep, and it has a temple on the fourth floor.

Wat Sam Pran (วัดสามพราน)
Wat Sam Pran (วัดสามพราน)

You can see more than 1,250 little Buddha statue that is considered to be the tiniest ones in Thailand all beautifully lined up next to each other.



Woodland (วู้ดแลนด์เมืองไม้)
Woodland (วู้ดแลนด์เมืองไม้)

In Thailand, you may expect to see some rare things and you are absolutely correct. At Woodland, there is a display of wood craftsmanship in both domestically and internationally that are pretty rare to observe in person. Each of the pieces is highly detailed and the wood details are also added significant beauty to the work which are unique and awesome.

Woodland (วู้ดแลนด์เมืองไม้)
Woodland (วู้ดแลนด์เมืองไม้)

Some of them are crafted from tree roots in which some of them may come from a hundred years old tree roots. Inside of this place, there are more than 10,000 pieces you can find, and the room is separated into ten rooms you can fully enjoy. Each room is also decorated using different colors just to fascinate its visitors such as you.


Tabebuia rosea

Rosy trumpet tree (ชมพูพันธุ์ทิพย์)
Rosy trumpet tree (ชมพูพันธุ์ทิพย์)

One last feature that this province has that you may not expect to find is flowers. Not just any flower, it is tabebuia rosea or you may know it as pink poui or rosy trumpet tree. This province has roads with more than 200 of them growing here! At one point when all of them has fully bloomed, it produces a pink tunnel that is very charming and begged for you to take a picture. Especially on Wattana Satien Sawat Road, this road is considered to be the most beautiful flower path road in Thailand!

The time when the flowers are in their prime time is forecast to be approximately on the middle of February to the end of March. However, it depends on the weather as well, so the time may be shifted.



Pomelo ส้มโอ
Pomelo (ส้มโอ)

For the famous souvenir at this province, it has to be pomelo! There are many species of pomelo you can find here which are extremely delicious. You can taste a little bit of sweet and some sour tastes once you have a bite on them.


Other interesting information about Nakhon Pathom, Thailand

The motto for this province is “Luscious Pomelo, White Rice, Charming Daughters, Sweet Roasted Glutinous Rice in Bamboo Joints, Ravishing Sanam-Chan, Buddhamonton Pairing Our Earth, and Pra Prathom Chedi Soaring The Sky”.

To get around the province

You can take motorcycle taxis or tuktuks which are located around the town. However, you can walk around if you would like to as well.

For accommodation

The hotels here are quite bad since they are pretty old. You can find some mid-range hotels here if you really want to stay. Some of them can go as low as 200 baht per night, but some are 2,000 baht per night or more. Enjoy your stay!


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