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Nakhon Sawan – A Destination with Four Rivers in Thailand

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Nakhon Sawan – A Destination with Four Rivers in Thailand

Many provinces in Thailand contain unique characteristics around their respective areas. Those unique features may include natural preservation, natural resources, cultural history, and tradition.

Tourists are interested in seeing these attractions and characteristics a lot which is why many decided to come to Thailand to experience it and that may as well include you. As Thailand has many things to offer, visiting them all could be pretty chaotic and frustrating as you might not know good places to go.

However, if you want to check out one amazing province with unique features or characteristics, this could be the province you will enjoy.

General Information of Nakhon Sawan

Nakhon Sawan is the province that combines most of the great characteristics of Thailand. It is located in the lower northern region of Thailand and it is pretty close to the central region. The province also known as ?Pak Nam Pho? to the locals here. The reason behind this name is that there are four rivers that passes through Nakhon Sawan. The four rivers are Ping, Wang, Yom, and Nan River in which all of the rivers ultimately combine together to make a single big river famously called the Chao Phraya River. Chao Phraya River also runs through the capital city of Thailand and it is one of the most important river that may have a role in the prosperity of the capital. This is also why the motto of Nakhon Sawan has a phrase saying that it is the city of four rivers.


How to travel to Nakhon Sawan

There are different ways to get to Nakhon Sawan. The first option is to use a bus from Mo Chit or the Northern Bus Terminal in Bangkok. You could use the northern line train as well. However, it is always better to drive here yourself as it is the most convenient.



Things to do in Nakhon Sawan

There are many famous attractions around Nakhon Sawan which are worth mentioning about. As Nakhon Sawan is not really a tourism city, there is not much people here, so you can expect some peaceful traveling while you are here.

Bueng Boraphet

The largest freshwater lake in Thailand with abundant natural resources and features. You can sit on a boat and enjoy a sight of blooming lotuses on the whole area of the lake.

Lotus at Bueng Boraphet
Lotus at Bueng Boraphet

If the lake is not that interesting for you, the lake is also a great place to see some birds migrated from many cold countries with more than 148 species available for you to see. There are also some rare species of bird that you can only observe here such as oriental darter, black-headed ibis, purple heron, and painted stork.

??????????? (Bueng Boraphet)
??????????? (Bueng Boraphet)

If you love taking pictures of birds, you definitely cannot miss this place as there are so many of them here.

Pak Nam Pho

???????? (Pak Nam Pho)
???????? (Pak Nam Pho)

As mentioned before, this province has another name which is known as Pak Nam Pho, but it is actually a place in this province. This is the place where the two rivers called Ping and Nan combines together as one river. The Ping River has a dark greenish color, but the Nan River has a red color. Ones can clearly see the two colors flow into each other on this exact spot.

You can take a boat trip to other places along the side of the river and it is recommended that you try the freshwater fishes freshly caught here. You will surely regret it if you do not at least try the fishes here.

Jao Pho Jao Mae Pak Nam Parade or the dragon parade

?????????????????????????? (Jao Pho Jao Mae Pak Nam Parade)
?????????????????????????? (Jao Pho Jao Mae Pak Nam Parade)

If you are talking about the tradition of Nakhon Sawan, Jao Pho Jao Mae Pak Nam Parade or the dragon parade is a big event here. A dragon is a symbol of the city and it is also mentioned in the motto of the province. This event will be held around February which is normally the same period as the Chinese New Year. In addition, this event has a long history of more than a century and it is an awesome event that you should not miss. The duration of this event is 12 days and 12 nights of pure enjoyment which is considered to be the biggest Chinese New Year celebration in Thailand. There are many highlights in this event such as traditional shows, Chinese decorations and art showcases, and gigantic parade around the city.


?Local Tells?

Those places mentioned above are famous attractions here in Nakhon Sawan, but there are more places you can explore in this province which are not exactly tourist attractions.

Khao Nho

??????? (Khao Nho)
??????? (Khao Nho)

If you are looking for mountains, Khao Nho offers a great sightseeing spot of the entire city. This mountain is a limestone mountain that is about 282 meters high. On the foot of the hill, there is a temple called Wat Khao Nho in which there is a path to go up. You can go up by taking a thousand steps stair and a little bit of hiking is required. It might be scary for the one who are fear of heights, but the view is definitely worth the climb. Also, there are lots of monkeys on the foot of the hill which you can take pictures with. Furthermore, there are millions of bats on the top of the hill and they usually go out to hunt in the evening.

Wat Khiri Wong

??????????? (Wat Khiri Wong)
??????????? (Wat Khiri Wong)

If you want to visit a temple, Wat Khiri Wong is a great choice available to you. It is a temple located on the mountain with Golden Maha Chedi. There are four separate levels of the temple that include many significant Buddha statues of Thailand. You can also go up to the top for a full unobstructed view of the city. On the fourth level of the Chedi, you can see many attractions of the province in any direction, including the angle that lets you see the best sunset.

Wat Pa Siri Wattana Wisut

?????????????????????? (Wat Pa Siri Wattanan Wisut)
?????????????????????? (Wat Pa Siri Wattanan Wisut)

Wat Pa Siri Wattana Wisut is a temple that fully replicates the Chedi of Buddha Gaya in India. However, this place is a miniaturized version with stunning details that truly reflect the original version of the place, including both the exterior and the interior.

Thung Po Tuang Rai Thamma Chai

??????????? (Thung Po Tuang)
??????????? (Thung Po Tuang)

Thung Po Tuang Rai Thamma Chai is a magnificent field of flowers in Nakhon Sawan. All you will see is the yellow color across the field, including the surrounding nature that you should really take pictures. The best time for a visit is around December to January.

Apart from this place, there are many other spots you can visit to see the amazing sunflowers. However, not all sunflowers in every spot will be bloomed at the same time. Most of them are blooming around the new year onwards.

???????? (Sunflower)
???????? (Sunflower)

Living in Nakhon Sawan

The motto is ?The City Where Four Rivers Unite, The Dragon Festival, Rest Your Soul at Bueng Boraphet, Plentiful and Delicious Fish at Pak Nam Pho?.

To get around the city

Songthaew or the minibus, tuktuks, and motorcycle taxis are available for tourists and they are pretty cheap.


There are many different hotels for your accommodation which includes budget hotels and mid-range hotels. The price is quite cheap at around 600 baht per night in average. Enjoy your exploration of the rivers!

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