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Maha Sarakham – A City with Perfect Blend of Culture and Natural Attractions in Thailand

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While there are many interesting provinces around Thailand, Maha Sarakham is one of the most interesting ones that you can only find in Thailand. The province itself has amazing culture and you cannot deny that it has something of value that also teach you something in return.


General information about Maha Sarakham Thailand

Maha Sarakham is a province that locates in the northeastern region of Thailand with great culture and various famous attractions that you can visit. The name of the province actually means the city of great education.

This name is not just for show, they have a lot of places that you can obtain higher education in the province such as Mahasarakham University and more. It is basically the city of colleges and universities, so the price of living is quite low compare to other provinces.


To get to?Maha Sarakham

This province is also convenient for tourists or travelers to transit to other provinces or countries such as Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. It is a great starting point for you to visit other parts of this region as it is basically a hub just for that. You can get here very easily by driving or you can also take a bus from the Mo Chit Northeastern Bus Terminal in Bangkok. Have a great trip coming here!



Famous attractions in Maha Sarakham

In the northeastern region of Thailand, there are places that reflect a lot of the past, including Thai culture and more. Each of the place soon become famous places that people keep visiting on their daily basis. If you want to explore the province, you may as well start with the most famous places!


Phra That Na Doon

Phra That Na Doon (????????????)
Phra That Na Doon (????????????)

The first famous place of this province is Phra That Na Doon which is one of the important Buddhist places of the northeastern region of Thailand. It is the place in which they found traces of ancient structures and artifacts that are evidences of the ancient city during the prosperous Tawaradee period and it is about a thousand years ago.

They also found small Chedi here in which later it was covered by Phra That Nadoon which made from concrete with lotuses as the detail on the side. This structure has more than 16 levels with the height of 50 meters and 35.7 meters in width.

Spaces around the structure is quite wide with an addition of a garden that has a lot of trees. In the vicinity, there are research center and museum that tell stories about the culture of Esan that you can learn from.


Pa Doo Lam Pun

Thaipotamon Chulabhorn Naiyanetr (?????????????)
Thaipotamon Chulabhorn Naiyanetr (?????????????)

Next place is a natural attraction known as Pa Doo Lam Pun. It is a place that is always wet for the entire year. You can see Lam Pun trees everywhere inside the forest! The special thing about this place is the discovery of the new species of crab in the year 1993 which is a local crab that you can only find here. The crab has a name called Thaipotamon Chulabhorn Naiyanetr.

It has a variety of colors on its body such as purple, orange, yellow, and white which is why it is honored to be one of the most beautiful freshwater crabs in the world! Other than that, this place is also a place where you can see birds and study about the ecosystem.


Wat Pa Wang Nam Yen

Wat Pa Wang Nam Yen (????????????????)
Wat Pa Wang Nam Yen (????????????????)

To end this famous places? list, Wat Pa Wang Nam Yen is an awesome finisher. It is a famous temple for its beauty of Tavorn Watthu inside the temple which made from wood. The structure is very beautiful with neat details. You can also see the giant Sala that the people use as a place to practice their beliefs.

This Sala uses big golden teak wood as pillars of around 112 of them which considered to be one of the largest Sala in Thailand. The Sala was also built with various woods, but they use golden teak wood as decorations.

Wat Pa Wang Nam Yen (????????????????)
Wat Pa Wang Nam Yen (????????????????)

Other than that, you can see the marvelous golden Chedi inside the structure with three Buddha statues made from 12 kilograms of gold. It is not just a temple that is important for the people of Maha Sarakham, but other provinces as well.


Local Tells

Thai people with Buddhism belief usually goes to the temple every now and then for many reasons. This is one of the reasons why there are so many temples in Thailand and if you ask one of the locals to recommend a place in his or her province, surely one temple would come up.

Wat Pa Nong Chad

Wat Pa Nong Chad (?????????????)
Wat Pa Nong Chad (?????????????)

The first recommended place is a temple with a name of Wat Pa Nong Chad which is a temple that was built in the year 2005. The most highlighted thing in this temple is the structure called Wiharn Ubosot or a church which is one of the most beautiful and unique structures in Thailand.

Wat Pa Nong Chad (?????????????)
Wat Pa Nong Chad (?????????????)

The Wiharn surrounds Phra Ubosot in a square shape with red-colored walls. The structure uses concrete statues with the style of Wat Rakang Thong on both of its exterior and interior for more than 10,000 statues. Inside of the structure was built from wood with the combination of styles from Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar.


Wat Nong Hoo Ling

Wat Nong Hoo Ling (????????????)
Wat Nong Hoo Ling (????????????)

Another recommended temple is Wat Nong Hoo Ling. It is a temple with eye-catching structures. The temple looks beautiful with a design that resembles Anantara Karat ship with a dimension of 20 meters in width, 40 meters in length, and 30 meters in height.

It has a golden color with various details from much effort which took more than 10 years to build. This temple was not built just for beauty, but every detail has a meaning behind it as well.



Suea Kok

Suea Kok of Baan Pang (??????????????)
Suea Kok of Baan Pang (??????????????)

One more thing that is very unique and famous here is the handicraft that uses weaving as their main process of production such as silk and cotton fabrics. Suea Kok is a mat that uses sedges that people can find from the swamp nearby. The mat also uses natural color and patterns into something very beautiful with various sizes and patterns.

Suea Kok of Baan Pang (??????????????)
Suea Kok of Baan Pang (??????????????)

The people here still use the old process of weaving by hand from the past that has been passed down from the older generations. Other than the mat, they also make bags with high-quality finishes and magnificent details, including other home furniture and tools.

If you want to focus on the mat, Suea Kok of Baan Pang is the source of production for the mat where you can see every stages of production!


Other Interesting info about Maha Sarakham

The motto for this province is ?The City of Buddhism in Esan, The Land of Civilization, Valuable Silk, and Tak Sila Nakorn?.

To get around this province

You can use any of these public transportations such as songthaew, motorcycle taxi, and tuktuk. You can also take a bus if you want to travel further into other districts.


There are a lot of nice hotels in this province that you can choose to stay in which most of them are budget hotels. The price is from 300 baht a night onwards. Have a nice stay at Maha Sarakham!


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