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Kamphaeng Phet – An All-In-One Destination of History and Abundant Nature in Thailand

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Thailand is filled with many provinces that has interesting and amazing attractions for tourists to explore them. Some of the provinces are famous for its abundant nature such as waterfalls and forests, but some provinces contain one of the best attractions to explore the culture of people living in that province. These are the reason why Thailand is a famous destination for anyone who is looking for something exotic like they never seen before. It might be kind of tiring to visit all of the province in Thailand as it would require a huge amount of resources for this particular trip or tour. However, there is one province that you could visit to see some if not all of the aspects of Thailand?s famous characteristics.


General Information of Kamphaeng Phet

The province named Kamphaeng Phet is the ideal destination for explorers and tourists alike to see the amazing things that Thailand has to offer. Its name can literally be translated to the Diamond Wall, but some would translate to a fort make of diamonds instead. The province is located in the lower northern region of Thailand and it is about 350 kilometers from Bangkok. As with most cities, the province is situated around a river called the Ping River. High mountains and forests are surrounding the province with magnificent nature, including fresh air.


How to travel to Kamphaeng Phet

Getting here is as easy as you would initially think of. You could easily rent a car and drive here yourself but remember to take breaks in between as it could be pretty tiring to drive for long hours. If you do not want to drive, travel by a bus is not a bad idea at all. Northern bus terminal is the place that you need to go to if you want to get here. Once you are here, you will be amazed by everything that this province can provide.


Things to do in Kamphaeng Phet

There are many famous attractions around the province of Kamphaeng Phet that you should take note of, but only some of them are worth mentioning about.

Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park

???????????????????????????? (Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park)
???????????????????????????? (Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park)

The most famous attraction of the province and it is also awarded as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 1991. In fact, this historical park received the award at the same time as Sukhothai Historical Park and Sri Satchanalai Historical Park. There are various archaeological sites for you to explore inside the historical park and they are all beautiful in their own unique ways. However, one of the attractions inside the place that you cannot miss by any means is Wat Phra Kaew. This temple is a big one that you will be able to notice right away. Apart from this temple, Wat Phra That, Wat Phra Non, Wat Phra Si Ari Yabot, and Wat Chang Rob are temples that you could visit as well, and they are equally amazing in its beauty and radiance.

Kamphaeng Phet National Museum

??????????????????????????? (Kamphaeng Phet National Museum)
??????????????????????????? (Kamphaeng Phet National Museum)


Another noteworthy place for your visit of this province. It contains variety of artefacts and artistic traces from all over the province. These things are dug up here and given to this museum. Most artefacts include potteries made out of clay, Buddha statue?s head, and more. Also, these artefacts being showcasing here are priceless and invaluable in every aspect.

Kamphaeng Phet National Museum (???????????????????????????)
Kamphaeng Phet National Museum (???????????????????????????)



If you want to learn how to make a Buddhist charm, then this is the place for you. Lang Rien Roo Garn Tum Phra Krueng is the only place in Thailand where you can learn how to make a Buddhist charm in which the knowledge has been passed down for more than 700 years. You can either purchase a charm or make one yourself right from this place and it is also a very famous item in the province.

?????????? (Phra Krueng)
?????????? (Phra Krueng)


?Local Tells?

There are also other recommended places around the province which are not necessarily popular tourist attractions. Mae Wong National Park is suitable for anyone who loves trekking in the forest. You could go up to the highest peak in all of the western part of the forest which is about 1,964 meters high.

Mokoju Peak

?????? (Mokoju))
?????? (Mokoju)

This peak is called Mokoju Peak and it requires five days for a round trip with a staff with you at all times. You will be able to see beautiful sunrise in the morning and the sea of mist in every direction and even more so in the winter. It is suitable for someone who are looking for an adventure as the path is quite steep.


Chong Yen

???????? (Chong Yen)
???????? (Chong Yen)

The place you must visit! Chong Yen Sightseeing Spot is another highlight of this national park. Its height is around 1,340 meters and it is also the point where cold winds are through which is why the place is named this way. The highlight of this place is the Heaven Cliff which you can see the views in a breathtaking 360 degrees and the sunrise is quite nice too.

Klong Wang Chao National Park

Klong Wang Chao National Park contains many awesome waterfalls, but the most famous one is the Black Turtle Waterfall or Namtok Tao Dum.

the Black Turtle Waterfall or Namtok Tao Dum

??????????? (Namtok Tao Dam)
??????????? (Namtok Tao Dam)

The waterfall contains five levels in which the second level is the most beautiful. The height of the second level is around 200 meters with crystal clear current on a huge black cliff surrounded by green vegetation of the forest. The water runs throughout the year and it is on the highest point of the national park in which the way may give you some difficulties, but it is worth it!

Klong Lan Waterfall

Klong Lan National Park also contains many waterfalls inside. However, the highlight of this place is Klong Lan Waterfall which is about 100 meters high and 40 meters wide.

???????????? (Klong Lan Waterfall)
???????????? (Klong Lan Waterfall)

You can also easily go into the water for a swim. The sightseeing spot called Khao Hua Chang is not so far up and you can walk up there with not so much effort. It is a spot where you can watch a beautiful sunset in the evening and sunrise in the morning. You can even see the Klong Lan Waterfall from up here! In addition, the mountain ridge can be a place for you to stay overnight. The best time for you to come here is between September and February.

For souvenirs

???????? (Kluay Khai)
???????? (Kluay Khai)

Kluay Khai is really famous here. It is smaller than a normal banana, but its flavors are exponentially more intense and delicious.


Living in Kamphaeng Phet

The motto for Kamphaeng Phet is ?The City of Charms, The Town with Strong People, Giant Laterites, Sweet Kluay Khai, and Lan Gra Bue Oil?.

To get around the province

There are a bunch of tuktuks and motorcycle taxis around, especially near the bus station and the markets. There are also minibuses you can take as well. Otherwise, you can easily walk from place to place if you would like to.

For accommodation

there are not many options for hotels in this province. Most of them are budget hotels like guesthouses with a price as low as 200 baht per night. There are also more mid-range hotels with a price from 1000 to 2000 baht per night. Have a good time exploring!


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