• Mu Ko Ngam - Ko Talu (หมู่เกาะง่าม - เขาทะลุ)
  • Whale Sharks at Ko Ngam Yai and Ko Ngam Noi (ฉลามวาฬที่เกาะง่ามใหญ่และเกาะง่ามน้อย)
  • Thung Wua Lan Beach (หาดทุ่งวัวแล่น)
  • Khao Matsi Sightseeing Spot (จุดชมวิวเขามัทรี)
  • Pato Rafting (ล่องแพพะโต๊ะ)
  • Pato Local Food (อาหารพื้นบ้านพะโต๊ะ)
  • Ao Kram (อ่าวคราม)
  • Squid at Ao Kram (หมึกที่อ่าวคราม)
  • Khao Din Sor (เขาดินสอ)
  • Lebmuenang Banana (กล้วยเล็บมือนาง)

Chumphon – The Gateway to the South of Thailand

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If there is a province that will give you a good start into the southern province of Thailand, that province would definitely be Chumphon! It is known for its great and beautiful islands, awesome natural aspects, and exotic culture. The people here are also nice, and you will surely learn to appreciate a lot of things here!

General information about Chumphon Thailand

Chumphon is the very first province that you will need to pass through when you are going to the southern region of Thailand. It is located at the Central Gulf Coast or the Royal Coast with an airport of its own. While the province also has a bunch of islands on its own, you can go beyond the province from here and explore other islands such as Ko Tao, Ko Phangan, and Ko Samui. As the province is not known for tourism that much, the nature is well-preserved and mostly untouched by any disturbance. The respect for nature by the people here is remarkable and I really hope it stays that way. Other than that, you will be able to enjoy many opportunities and activities here that are mostly focus on culture and other natural features.

To get to Chumphon

If anything attracts you and you are now dying to come here, you are in luck as there are so many ways you can go about this. Firstly, air traveling seems to be the best option to get here and it is also the fastest way! All you need to do is to take a flight from Bangkok to Chumphon which might take you around an hour. Another way is to drive here yourself which is very convenient indeed. The distance from Bangkok to Chumphon is about 460 kilometers which might take you around six hours to get here. Another convenient choice is the bus. You can get a ride from Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal to get inside the city of Chumphon fairly quickly. As it will take you seven hours to reach here, you need to plan your trip carefully as well. There is also a daily train to Chumphon and it is also closer to the city center than the airport which might prove to be another viable choice if you do not mind the time it takes.


Famous Tourist attractions in Chumphon, Thailand

There are a few famous places around Chumphon and you cannot miss any of them! As Chumphon is known for great natural characteristics, it is best to see them all if you can. However, the places might be too much for you, so I reduce it down to only a famous few that you should see. If you are ready to know what they are, keep reading!


Mu Ko Chumphon National Park

Mu Ko Ngam - Ko Talu (หมู่เกาะง่าม - เขาทะลุ)
Mu Ko Ngam – Ko Talu (หมู่เกาะง่าม – เขาทะลุ)

The first famous place here at Chumphon is Mu Ko Chumphon National Park which is considered to be the gateway to all of the southern region of Thailand! These islands have white sand, emerald green water, and preserved coral reefs that you can dive to see them under the shallow and deep waters. Some people say that it is another great spot for tourism if you love the sea!


The first to be mentioned in this national park is Mu Ko Ngam which has one of the most beautiful sea on the side of Thai Gulf. It is also renown for the coral reef diving spots at Chumphon with many spots for diving such as Ko Talu. Ko Talu is a small island with natural stone bridge that consists of giant and hard coral reefs, sea flowers, and clownfish.

Whale Sharks at Ko Ngam Yai and Ko Ngam Noi (ฉลามวาฬที่เกาะง่ามใหญ่และเกาะง่ามน้อย)
Whale Sharks at Ko Ngam Yai and Ko Ngam Noi (ฉลามวาฬที่เกาะง่ามใหญ่และเกาะง่ามน้อย)

Ko Ngam Yai and Ko Ngam Noi are also islands that have tons of sea flowers and many stunning fishes. In addition, you might have a chance to see whale sharks when you are diving at the islands of Chumphon.


Thung Wua Lan Beach

Thung Wua Lan Beach (หาดทุ่งวัวแล่น)
Thung Wua Lan Beach (หาดทุ่งวัวแล่น)

If you are talking about the most beautiful beach in Chumphon, that beach would be Thung Wua Lan Beach. It is a beach with soft and white sand that filled the beach across the distance of around three kilometers. It is highly suitable for relaxation and sunbath on the beach while watching the beautiful clear water. You could also dive in the shallow water to see the coral reefs. This beach will surely satisfy you in many different ways!


Khao Matsi Sightseeing Spot

Khao Matsi Sightseeing Spot (จุดชมวิวเขามัทรี)
Khao Matsi Sightseeing Spot (จุดชมวิวเขามัทรี)

This is a spot where you can see the views in a 360 degrees angle. You will get to see both the delta of Chumphon and the sea at one place! Above all, this place is a great spot to see the magnificent sunset and sunrise. Other than that, Guan Yin and Bodhisattva is up here for you to pay respect if you would like to, including a really famous coffee shop. You can sip a coffee and watch the beautiful views of Chumphon while you are up here!


Local Tells

Recommended places around Chumphon are really famous for their locals and not many people know about these places or activities! As the nature and the way of life for the people of Chumphon is very significant, the recommended places here represent those features to their maximum. Once you have covered all of these places, you will know what Chumphon is about.


Pato Rafting

Pato Rafting (ล่องแพพะโต๊ะ)
Pato Rafting (ล่องแพพะโต๊ะ)

The first activity on the list of recommended things by the locals is Pato Rafting. It is a popular activity for many years in the district of Pato. This kind of activity will require you to go on a raft that will give you a nice little tour of the nature on both sides of the river. You will see the abundant nature and many wild animals here, including fruit farms and coffee farms. However, if you do not feel enough of this place just yet, there is a homestay you can rest in and learn more about the culture of the people living in this place.

Pato Local Food (อาหารพื้นบ้านพะโต๊ะ)
Pato Local Food (อาหารพื้นบ้านพะโต๊ะ)

You will also get to eat some local food, stroll through fruit farms, take a walk in the forest and study it, and visit a waterfall. In regards of these attractions and characteristics, this place has received countless awards in the area of tourism from various organizations.


Ao Kram or Kram Bay

Ao Kram (อ่าวคราม)
Ao Kram (อ่าวคราม)

The next place is Ao Kram or Kram Bay which is a homestay beside the sea with constant cold wind throughout the entire day. In this place, you can learn about the way of life of the fishermen here that still has the same tradition since the older days. You will also get to eat some fresh and delicious seafood!

Squid at Ao Kram (หมึกที่อ่าวคราม)
Squid at Ao Kram (หมึกที่อ่าวคราม)

The highlight of this place is in its night time when it is time for you to watch some squid catching action! The locals called this activity as “Balm Muek” which is pretty unique, and you cannot find this kind of thing elsewhere. It is a local knowledge that has been passed down from elder generations from one to another. Once you caught the squid, you can eat it straight away! The taste of the squid is really fresh and sweet!


Khao Din Sor

Khao Din Sor (เขาดินสอ)
Khao Din Sor (เขาดินสอ)

The last place to be recommended is known as Khao Din Sor. Between October and December of every year, this is a spot where you can watch the migration of eagles from the northern hemisphere which come from countries like China, Siberia, and Mongolia with astounding amount. From a survey, there was a study that confirms there are up to 26 species of eagles that pass through this point. However, there are only six species that regularly comes here; the Oriental Honey-Buzzard, Chinese Sparrowhawk, Japanese Sparrowhawk, Shikra, Grey-faced Buzzard, and Black Baza. This place will have both foreigners and Thais coming here to take pictures all day! This is also the place to see the amazing and wide landscape views.


For souvenir,

Lebmuenang Banana

Lebmuenang Banana (กล้วยเล็บมือนาง)
Lebmuenang Banana (กล้วยเล็บมือนาง)

This is a great choice for you. It has a great smell with a sweet taste. Other processed banana like honey-baked and dried bananas are also famous here!


Other interesting information about Chumphon, Thailand

The motto for this province is “The Gateway to the South, Pay Respect to the Royals, Visit Coffee Farms, Watch a Beautiful Beach, Good Lebmuenang Banana, and The Famous Bird Nest”.

To get around town

you could use the local public bus, motorcycle taxis, and taxis which are available at the bus terminal of Chumphon. You could also use the local songthaews if you have a bit of knowledge about the route or you could rent a motorcycle to go anywhere you want!


For accommodation

there are two places that have a lot of hotels for tourists. First is the Chumphon city itself and Pathio Coast and Beaches. The hotels are quite cheap, but some resorts may charge a hefty price per night. You can expect a normal hotel to cost around 500 baht per night and a resort to go up as high as 4000 baht per night. Enjoy your stay at Chumphon!

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