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Chaiyaphum – The Province of National Parks in Thailand

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Chaiyaphum is the province that has many natural attractions beyond belief. It is so secluded that very few tourists have actually set their feet at this province. It is almost like it is hidden from the world, but it should not be this way as these natural characteristics should be seen by people at least once.

General Information about Chaiyaphum, Thailand

The province of Chaiyaphum is one of the many provinces inside the Esan region and like other provinces, it has a lot of history in the making of its city. Many archaeologists found traces and artifacts that lead to Dvaravati and Khmer periods, including Lan Chang. It was once abandoned, but it was later rose again during the Rattanakosin era.

This province is surely an attractive province with natural abundance like no others in Thailand. One of the reasons is that it is not exactly a tourist attraction, so the place is pretty much undisturbed. The people here also do not speak much English, but I am sure that you will be fine as long as you know where you are going. To get here, you can drive your own car or get a taxi right to here. There is also a bus from Bangkok?s Mo Chit 2 terminal which takes around six hours to get here. Another alternative is to take a train to Bua Yai station and then catch a ride from there to this place with only 51 kilometers to go. Have a great time!

The famous attractions in Chaiyaphum, Thailand

If I am to describe all the famous place around the province of Chaiyaphum, it is definitely going to be the abundance of national parks. You will not see this much national park anywhere in Thailand and they are all so beautiful! No wonder why they are so famous here and you need to personally take a look as soon as possible!

Pa Hin Ngam National Park

Pa Hin Ngam National Park - Siam Tulip (??????????????????????? - ???????????)
Pa Hin Ngam National Park – Siam Tulip (??????????????????????? – ???????????)

The first famous place is Pa Hin Ngam National Park. Its highlight is the biggest Siam Tulip plain in Thailand with over 100 rai of area. These flowers have a pinkish purple color and its beauty is very famous for the locals here. They call these flowers as the Queen of the Mountain. It will only bloom for two months per year which is around June until August. However, the scenery is different each year due to the climate change. If you come here in the morning or the time when the rain just stopped, you can see that the plain is covered by thin mists.


Lan Hin Ngam

Lan Hin Ngam (?????????)
Lan Hin Ngam (?????????)

Another great attraction at Pa Hin Ngam National Park is Lan Hin Ngam. This place has an architecture that was built by nature which consists of big weird shaping stones such as radar-shaped, mushroom-shaped, and the world cup-shaped stones.

Sut Pandin

Sut Pandin Sightseeing Spot (??????????????????)
Sut Pandin Sightseeing Spot (??????????????????)

There is also a sightseeing spot named Sut Pandin where you can see the joint of all three regions: Esan, Central, and North. You can see the sea of mists in the morning and the beautiful sunset in the evening. It is another view that you should really see at Chaiyaphum.

Tri Thong

Tri Thong National Park - White Siam Tulip (???????????????????? - ????????????????)
Tri Thong National Park – White Siam Tulip (???????????????????? – ????????????????)

The next famous place is still a national park called Tri Thong. It is the one of two places where you can see the most beautiful plain of Siam Tulip in Thailand. The Siam Tulip here will bloom slightly slower than the ones at Pa Hin Ngam National Park around one week and there are five plains you can take a visit to. However, the special thing about this place is that you will not only see one color of Siam Tulip, but two! There are white Siam Tulip that you have to see here!

Hum Hod Cliff

Hum Hod Cliff (??????)
Hum Hod Cliff (??????)

At Tri Thong National Park, there are cliffs that enable you to see great sceneries, but the most famous one is Hum Hod Cliff. It has a height of 864 meters with a shape of a land reaching out from the cliff itself. The width and length are around one meter and you will surely sense your danger instinct when you are standing there and look down at the same time. It is like you are so scared that your penis just shrinks into nothingness which is why the villagers named this cliff this way. If you like excitement, then this is the place for you. Apart from that, you can see great sceneries of forest in every direction and see further than any of the two national parks. There are tent setup spot and other utilities for your convenience as well.


Local Tells

While I can absolutely see that this province is famous for its national park, there are even more things and places to discover, including another national park! These places are highly recommended by the locals and they encourage you to see them all!

Phu Lan Ka National Park

Phu Lan Ka National Park
Phu Lan Ka National Park

The first recommended place here is Phu Lan Ka National Park in which the highlight of this place is the three group of giant concrete pillars called Mor Hin Khao. These pillars are more than a few million years old which was beautifully built entirely by nature. However, the most highlighted one out of all of them is the five pillars that align themselves perfectly with each other. Each pillar has a height of around 12 meters. If you come here during the rainy season around July to August, you can see wild flowers blooming around here. It surely brings the charm of beauty to this place! Another special thing about this place is during the night time, if the sky is clear enough, you can see the stars and take a beautiful picture of them which is considered as one of the best spots in Thailand to do so.


Phu Khiao Wildlife Sanctuary

Siamese fireback (???????????)
Siamese fireback (???????????)

This is a forest plain filled with abundance in the Esan region. They conserve, farm, take care, and reproduce various species of wildlife here, including other extinct wildlife from other forest in Thailand such as Siamese fireback, peafowl, muntjac, deer, and hog deer. They also do not disturb any of the species apart from letting them live in their natural habitat. The highlight of this park is at Thung Kamung where it is a vast grass plain with over 5,000 rai of area and 900 meters of height above sea level.

Hog Deer (?????????)
Hog Deer (?????????)

There is no giant tree at all. You might have a chance to see hog deer with their most beautiful black round eyes. They are mostly come out during the afternoon to find something to eat and if you are lucky enough, you might find them in a group which is the biggest group of hog deer in Thailand hunting together as one.

Tat Ton Waterfall

Tat Ton Waterfall (????????????????????)
Tat Ton Waterfall (????????????????????)

The last place is Tat Ton Waterfall where the water flows for the entire year, especially in the rainy season around June to September in which the water is very beautiful. It is a waterfall with a height of six meters and 50 meters wide. You can easily go in the water to freshen up! At the top of the waterfall, you will see a river with 300 meters in distance and 50 meters in width. It is a place where you can rest and swim as well.

Other Interesting Information of Chaiyaphum, Thailand

The motto of this province is ?Ancient City, Home of Heroes, High Mountain Peaks, Elephant Forests, Transparent Waterfalls, Beautiful Silk, Charming Ladies, and Land of Buddhism?.

To get around,

you can take the tuktuks around town, but be sure to ask for the price before getting in!

For accommodation,

you can find a bunch of budget hotels with the price around 150 baht to more than 400 baht per night.


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