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Ang Thong – The Golden Bowl of Thailand

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If you are wondering where is the next exotic place that you should go to, Ang Thong is one of the very great choices that you can select. The name of the province literally means the golden bowl and what more could you ask for this amazing province? You just have to see its detail for yourself.

General Information about Ang Thong, Thailand

Ang Thong is a province that located near the Chao Phraya Basin region with many attractions and unique characteristics. This place is ideal for tourists as they can see a lot of cultural things in one province such as the giant Buddha with 98 meters of height, drum-making village, and more. You can see lots of handicraft work here as well. This place is quite small with only 968 square meters of area. As the province is located in the lower part of the central region of Thailand, you can expect it to have low plains. Not just that, you can also observe the two amazing rivers that runs through the province which are quite beautiful.

To get to Ang Thong Thailand

There are two main ways that most tourists choose to get here. The first way is to drive a car here or take a taxi with a maximum distance of 150 kilometers from Bangkok. You can also choose to take a bus or a minibus from Mo Chit which will costs you very little. I hope you will have a great time!


The famous attractions in Ang Thong

There are amazing famous attractions around the province that you can visit to. Most of them are temples as Thailand is pretty famous for it, but there is more. These places are not ordinary, they are special in every way and very magnificent to the eyes. You just have to come and look for yourself!

Wat Muang

Wat Muang, Ang Thong Thailand
Wat Muang

The first famous place in Ang Thong is Wat Muang which is known for having a giant Buddha statue. In fact, it is the biggest one in Thailand! The statue itself has a height of 95 meters with 63 meters in width and you can see it from a distance. This statue also took more than 16 years to build! Apart from the greatness of the Buddha statue, there is also a structure that is in the middle of a large lotus which is very unique. Another structure is Wihan Kaew which decorated entirely with glass that sparkles during the daytime. Luang Pho Ngern is another statue that was built entirely with silver and it is the first of its kind!

Ban Bang Sadet Court Doll Center

Ban Bang Sadet Court Doll Center
Ban Bang Sadet Court Doll Center

Ban Bang Sadet Court Doll Center is the next intriguing place on the list. If you do not already know, court doll or Chao Wang Doll is a doll that made out of clay which is a toy for servant inside the palace for more than 100 years ago. This place is a center that displays court dolls and also sell them which begins in the year 1976. These court dolls are made to reflect the culture and tradition of Thailand and there are demonstrations you can watch too. The doll-making process is passed down from elder generation to the next and you can also learn how to make it. Nowadays, the court doll is an export of Thailand and the most famous costumes of these dolls are Thai festival costumes and various occupation costumes.

Ban Bang Sadet Court Doll Center
Ban Bang Sadet Court Doll Center




Wat Khun Inthapramun.

Wat Khun Inthapramun
Wat Khun Inthapramun

Next place is a temple called Wat Khun Inthapramun. This is an ancient temple that was built in the era of Sukhothai which is more than 100 years ago. This temple consists of sleeping Buddha statue which is one of the longest statue of its kind in Thailand with more than 50 meters in length. This sleeping Buddha has many magnificent characteristics such as a lovely smile and peaceful attitude. Many King of Thailand in the past also came here to pay respect to this statue.


Local Tells

Ang Thong is the province that consists of many communities and luxurious tradition. The province has a unique sense of its identity that you cannot find elsewhere in Thailand. It is important to realize what they are by looking at the places that are recommended by the locals which I have made a list here.

Ban Hun Lek

Ban Hun Lek
Ban Hun Lek

The first recommended place by the local is Ban Hun Lek. This place belongs to a man named Pairoj Thanomwong. He used spare parts from the engine and turns them into a robot or characters from various movies. You can find many types of his work here. Some maybe small, but some can be as tall as two to four meters. Nowadays, his work is continuously going international and he also accept custom orders of robots from customers. You can walk around and buy something at the shop as a souvenir or you can use it to decorate your home.

Ban Hun Lek, Ang Thong
Ban Hun Lek



Wat Sang Kratai

Wat Sang Kratai
Wat Sang Kratai

Next place on the list is called Wat Sang Kratai. It is an old temple with more than 400 years of history. The special thing that this temple has is the giant Bodhi tree that covers all the four sides of the temple. Not just that, the tree also holds the temple together, so this old temple can still be standing today. While there is no ceiling at this temple, the temple still feels lovely with shades from the Bodhi tree.

Drum-Making Village

Drum-Making Village
Drum-Making Village

Thailand has so many great communities and one of them is the Drum-Making village which is a community that make the best quality drums in Thailand with outstanding detail. Drum-making is a knowledge that has been passed down from generations to generations. However, the knowledge is also improved and altered many times until the present day. The drums are made from Mai Kam Poo which comprise of wood and cow skin. This community has more than 20 years of experience in making international drums such as Taiko drums of Japan, Janggu drums of Korea, Semba drums of Africa, and more. The drums that has been produced here are considered as really high quality. This means that you can come here to buy some drums with various types such as a tiny drum that you buy as souvenirs.

Bang Chao Cha Community

Baskets at Bang Chao Cha Community
Basketry of Bang Chao Cha Community

Basketry of Bang Chao Cha community is a great place to end your trip! It is an old community with more than 100 years old that famous for basketry. They use bamboo as their main raw material and their work is highly detailed, neat, and beautiful. They can also produce various products to suit the demand of the market with no restriction to their tradition which makes them able to export their products abroad.


Other Interesting Information of Ang Thong, Thailand

The motto for this province is ?Phra Somdej Ket Chaiyo, Luang Pho To, Bravery of Thai People, Court Doll, Famous Basketry, Land of Drum-Making, and City of Sleeping Buddha?.

To get around the province

You are quite limited by taking the motorcycle taxis and occasional tuktuks. However, the city itself is quite small and you can walk from place to place.

The accommodation

it is also quite cheap, and you can find some budget hotels around town. Have fun!


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