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Mukdahan – A City with a Rich History of Ayutthaya in Thailand

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The city of Mukdahan is another province of the northeastern family of Thailand with many features that you can take a look at for many days. The province itself is also fairly new, but with rich history from the Ayutthaya period. However, you will be mesmerized with all the natural and cultural attractions!

General information about Mukdahan Thailand

Mukdahan is actually the 73rd province of Thailand with its first history dated back to more than 200 years ago during the Ayutthaya period. It was inhabited by many communities over the past years including Laos and Thais alike. Most tourist do not really know the existence of Mukdahan as a place to go for tourism, but it is actually very suitable for it.

There are many beautiful cultural attractions that many can enjoy with the blessing of natural characteristics around the city of more than 4,339.83 square kilometers. You can also get here fairly easily as well.

The first choice of traveling is by car in which the distance from Bangkok is around 642 kilometers. You can also choose to take a bus from the Bangkok Bus Terminal at Chatuchak or Mo Chit 2. If you want a fast option, a plane would undeniably be the fastest choice here which you can buy the ticket from Nok Air as of the time of this writing. Have a good traveling!


Famous attractions in Mukdahan

Mukdahan may not be known for a place that is eye-catching for tourists, but it actually holds some of the most beautiful places that you can find in Thailand! With its rich history and natural attractions, there are many famous places that you can go to and you will not get bored for one second!

Wat Phu Manorom

Wat Phu Manorom (วัดภูมโนรมย์)
Wat Phu Manorom (วัดภูมโนรมย์)

The first famous place here is Wat Phu Manorom which locates on the mountain. The highlight of this temple is the giant Buddha statue on the hill. This statue is particularly famous for the people of Mukdahan and many have a lot of faith in this statue. If you included the base of the statue, the height is more than 80 meters with a width of 39.99 meters. Another highlight is the statue of serpent that is very grand and magnificent. The serpent seems very active in its act with the length of more than 122 meters and has 20 meters in height. Its color is kind of like a mixture of green and blue that beautifully reflects light. The statue looks powerful with amazing detailing as well! Up here, you can also see the views of the city of Mukdahan and the Mae Kong River.

Wat Phu Manorom (วัดภูมโนรมย์)
Wat Phu Manorom (วัดภูมโนรมย์)


Phu Pha Terb

Phu Pha Terb (ภูผาเทิบ)
Phu Pha Terb (ภูผาเทิบ)

This is the next famous place that has the view of sandstones with around 120 million years old. The stones’ shape is pretty weird, and they look like mysterious towers when they are together. Most of them shapes like a mushroom and you can see a lot of weird shaping stones on the high natural stone towers. Other than that, there are beautiful flowers blooming along stone valleys and stone plains which are seasonal with different sense of beauty in every season. For example, if you come here on the rainy season, you will see many plants that eat insects blooming on the sandstones such as bladderwort and Utricularia delphinioides, including the pink Hydrocera triflora.


Kaeng Ka Bao

Kaeng Ka Bao (แก่งกะเบา)
Kaeng Ka Bao (แก่งกะเบา)

The last famous place on the list is Kaeng Ka Bao which is a famous resting place for the people of Mukdahan. This place consists of rapids that goes down to the Mae Kong River. Mae Kong River has weathered these rapids into a beautiful sight for you to see! If you happens to be here on the draught season around March to May, you can clearly see the rapids and beaches. This place can make you watch the views of the Mae Kong River for days or you can a swim ring to play in the water as well. After that, you can enjoy delicious foods inside the restaurant here.


Local Tells

There are quite unique places around the city of Mukdahan where you find many interesting places that you cannot find in other provinces of Thailand. These places are a mix of cultural and natural attractions that are so inviting and welcoming for the locals and potentially you as well.


Wat Song Kon

Wat Song Kon (วัดสองคอน)
Wat Song Kon (วัดสองคอน)

If you are visiting Thailand, a church would definitely need to be on your list and the local sure thinks the same way. Wat Song Kon is a church that is pretty unique from other churches. The church here looks really modern with a one-story building, glass windows in every orientation, and a brown color on its exterior. The inside is huge with vast spaces and the place has an honor of being called as one of the biggest and one of the most beautiful churches with wonderful architecture in Thailand.

Wat Song Kon (วัดสองคอน)
Wat Song Kon (วัดสองคอน)

More importantly, this church was built as a remembrance of seven Christians who sacrifice themselves with their faith for Christ. You can listen to their story here as well. The wall of this church holds the church in a half circle shape in which at the back side of the church is wide open for the beautiful views of Mae Kong River.


Baan Phu

บ้านภูโฮมสเตย์ (Baan Phu Homestay)
บ้านภูโฮมสเตย์ (Baan Phu Homestay)

The second attraction on the list of recommended places by the local is Baan Phu. It is a village of Phu Thai people that has unique cultural, festival, and language features. The people of Phu Thai mostly wear their local clothes of their own culture.

บ้านภูโฮมสเตย์ (Baan Phu Homestay)
บ้านภูโฮมสเตย์ (Baan Phu Homestay)

You can also watch some shows which involve beautiful dancing accompany by music. You will get to see their simple way of life, including their local knowledge of many things that you can get your hands dirty such as mud cloth, natural dyed fabric that has very amazing details, cook and eat local food, fan or doll weaving by using bamboo wood, and etc. In addition, you have a choice of resting in a homestay here to deeply learn about the culture of Phu Thai people.


Phu Sa Dok Bua National Park

Phu Sa Dok Bua (ภูสระดอกบัว)
Phu Sa Dok Bua (ภูสระดอกบัว)

Next recommended place is Phu Sa Dok Bua National Park which is a national park that is close to the Mae Kong River. This park has a lot of natural abundance and wild animals. If you come here on the rainy season, you can see many beautiful flowers that can compete with all of the northeastern region of Thailand. You can decide to walk on various nature paths and you can set up a tent to sleep here as well.

While you are here, feel free to take a visit to various sightseeing spots. The highlight of this place is the mountain peak with 425 meters of height, two to three meters wide, and one meter deep, including five to six sand ponds which have beautiful small lotuses throughout the year. It is kind of a weird thing that nature has created here.


Other Interesting info about Mukdahan

The motto for this province is “Skyscraping Ho Kaeo Tower, Phu Pha Thoep and Kaeng Kabao, Eight Ethnic Minorities, Famous Sweet Tamarind, Large Ancient Kettledrum, the Origin of Lam Phaya, Stunning View of the Mae Kong River, and The Gateway to Indochina”.

To get around the place,

tuktuks are the most viable choice here, but you can also take the songthaews if you would like to as well. There is a motorcycle rental here too if you want to make your own way of traveling.

For accommodation,

there are plenty of budget hotels you can choose to stay with some mid-range hotels as well. The price can be as low as 200 baht per night. Have a nice stay!


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